Monday, June 30, 2008

Lacrosse Camp, AC, & Wall-E

Hey Laser Lips, Your Momma was a Snowblower!!!

Hey everyone! So this past week Kody came to visit and I whipped out the Old School Movies and we watched Short Circuit! Kody was Johnny 5, I was Stephanie, and Max was the amazing Steve Guttenberg. Kody LOVED Short Circuit and it got him pumped for Wall-E!

Kody went to Lacrosse Camp at Providence Day this week and he did so well! Max took him to practice almost every afternoon and he really got the hang of it! He loved swimming after Lacrosse and especially loved the candy bar at the pool!

We made cookies on Thursday and played Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii!

Then on Saturday Kody went for Pizza and to see Wall-E with his new friends! A bunch of my co-workers came out for the event and brought all their Boys! That's right. All Boys!

We took Kody back to Florida on Sunday but its only 2 weeks until Pawley's with Charlotte and Wilder! We can't wait!!!

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