Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I don't remember when I fell in love with Hydrangeas. If you aren't familiar with them:

While there are approximately 23 species of Hydrangea, only five are widely cultivated in the U.S. The most popular species is Hydrangea macrophylla, which is commonly known as bigleaf, French, garden or florist’s hydrangea. This Japanese native is rated as hardy to USDA cold-hardiness zone 6. It produces large inflorescences of white, pink or blue flowers in early summer.

For my Wedding I decided these flowers would be spectacular along with Peonies and Belles of Ireland. My Maid of Honor and her mother gave me 2 potted Hydrangeas at my bridal shower and they are flourishing in my front yard! They originally were pink and now have transformed into purple and I hope they are on their way to blue!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Sad Sad Farewell to Domino Magazine

An Open letter to Domino magazine,

I don’t often fall in love with things. I have had a steady relationship with many magazines over the course of my life and it is with extreme sadness I write this letter.

I am in my late twenties with a love for décor. I grew up reading my mother’s Southern Accents, Southern Living, and even Better Homes and Gardens. These are all fabulous publications but weren’t hip or young enough for my taste.

As I grew up and began to realize what would be within my decorating budget, nothing really existed that spoke to my generation and pocketbook, and then came Domino.

Domino is absolutely perfect. You had the edge of Metropolitan Home with the glamour of Elle Décor. We are more than a niche that read your magazine. You are the perfect concoction of all the other options out there, and then you blazed your own path. Who else is going to tell us how to pair Ikea with heirlooms?

I am absolutely distraught. I know that the blogs will live on; but there is something about being able to tear out the beautiful glossy page and put in a notebook, dreaming that your Formal living room could one day look like the creative director of J.Crew’s.

I will miss you dearly and each month will daydream what your cover would have looked like. Your flair for design and love for homes will live on in your offspring, Design Sponge, and I will be reading her intently.


Katharine Fuchs

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Extra long hiatus!

My New Years resolution is obviously to post more on our family blog! I'm not sure what angle this will take so it might include anything from decor to weather to pictures!

2008 was an amazing year for the Fuchs family. We started off last year with a Cruise for Estela's 70th birthday, a trip to France, our annual Boylan/Breckenridge/Fuchs Pawleys Island week, Weddings galore, and a Disney Cruise!

We capped off the year with a fantastic weekend in the Mountains with my friends from College. There is nothing better than celebrating a wonderful year with wonderful friends.

I have hope for 2009 to knock the socks off 2008, even amidst our current economic situation!