Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winter Weather!

This Winter has been one of the coldest I can remember since High School. Charlotte has had a dusting, and now we have 2" of Ice/Snow mix. Mom and Dad got 12" in Asheville....12"!!! I think Max has a little bit of Cabin Fever because he is at Harris Teeter for the second time in 2 days but at least he is getting us snacks. Last night he made the most amazing Salad and we watched "State of Play", a very good movie with one of my favorites Rachel McAdams. I absolutely love her!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Lent I'm giving up NOT Blogging!

So I used to read about 30 blogs a day. Mostly home design/decor blogs, but 30 nonetheless. I also wrote one in my spare time for a few stores here in Charlotte. But now that I have a real job that keeps me away from home 11 hours a day I can no longer read the blogs I love! So I thought every Saturday I will blog on my own about the goings on of the Fuchs Family, or mostly whatever is in my head!

Today we are iced in from a not so huge weather event. Mom and Dad got 12" in Asheville and here we have about 2" of icy/snow mix. It is useful because it does force one to do things around the house you never have time for. Like laundry, watching XGames, Blogging, being a couch potato...etc.

I hope you enjoy checking in and seeing what we are up to, and if you don't, quit reading!