Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Large Pepperoni, Half Mushrooms, Half Glock

I try not to post about politics or religion because it just causes riots. Kind of like a Britney Spears sex riot...but I digress.

But when I read this article in the Charlotte Observer I felt I had to express my opinion, and that is exactly why I tweet and blog. Now sure, I want my blog to be about pretty things...houses, decor, etc, but it is also about what is important me; and this is.

From the Charlotte Observer:
A moment later, three men walked in, at least two pointing guns. The first one told the deliveryman: "I mean business."

They told him to open the safe. The deliveryman said he didn't have access.
"Get down!" one ordered. When the deliveryman didn't, he says the man pistol-whipped him. The men then ordered him into a bathroom while they waited for the manager.
One of the robbers waited in the bathroom with the deliveryman. He ordered him to wrap his arms around the toilet, kneeling, and then demanded money.
"Every time I hesitated, he hit me. I have so many bumps," the driver said. He turned over his $42 in tips for the night and a gold chain with a Jesus medallion he's worn for almost 40 years.
The whole time, the driver tried to keep his gun pressed against his body, under his baggy shirt. The driver has a concealed carry permit, and started carrying the gun after being robbed twice in the past two years.
When the manager returned moments later, the suspects grabbed him. One told the deliveryman to crawl to the cooler in the back.
"I said I can't crawl," said the deliveryman, realizing that if he bent over any further his gun would stick out. "As soon as I stood up, he hit me. I took a big step and ended up in the cooler."
Then, the suspect demanded car keys and hit the deliveryman again, opening a nearly 2-inch gash next to his left eye.
When the suspect started to lift the deliveryman's shirt, he realized the robber was about to see his gun.
"I thought, 'He's gonna kill us,'" the deliveryman said. "They're gonna get what they want, and still kill me. "I pulled my gun. I shot him three times, and he fell."

Read more:

Both of these men had previous records and were out on probation. And I know it is very unChristian of me but I see it as two criminals off the streets. They BEAT this man, had previous records...multiple accounts on each...and this man defended himself and they criminals are dead.

What makes me really angry is Pizza Hut typically fires their employees for this. They have fired delivery men in 2004 and 2008 for firing a gun on a robber.

I'm not saying I want every delivery man out there in the world with a gun. But if he works in a bad area of town late at night, I see no problem with it.

We are the proud owners of a Colt Defender. M has taken me to a firing range to learn how to shoot it and if necessary I have no problem. Of course we keep it in a locked safe but when M is out of town I cannot deny keeping it a little closer (as long as D is not in town).

So I guess the moral of my post (Yes, I realize I'm rambling out into blog universe) is I just believe this man defended himself and deserves to keep his job, and possibly the key to the city.

**You must always learn how to operate a gun safely and if you carry one have your carry conceal permit. And I'm not the crazy Sarah Palin. I don't want everyone running around toting guns...but I do believe in the above instance it was necessary.

***And to make sure I keep my blogs light-hearted please see below.

Images from the Charlotte Observer and Pundit Kitchen

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Arrival of Fall

My absolute favorite time of year is on its way. Labor Day weekend was a total teaser in Asheville. The low Sunday morning at my parents' house was 49. That's right...49. My parents live in a big tree house type of home on a mountain in South Asheville. There is nothing like waking up to see all the leaves falling, the bright blue sky, mountains all around, and walk in my socked feet and my sweatsuit (black Nike workout pants and a UNC hoodie) to the kitchen where Dad is cooking fried eggs on salt-rising toast. My parents keep the windows open until it finally dips into the 40's so its always crisp!
Looking down my parents' driveway

There is just something mesmerizing about Fall. Already here in Charlotte you can see the light filter through the trees, beckoning you to step outside and promising that it will soon cool off. Kids are playing Football at the local high school and on Friday nights we can hear the loudspeaker announce the play by play action. I grew up playing tennis in the fall, where you would have to put your warm ups back on before a match was over.

I just can't describe my love for this season. Mums, scarecrows, all the cheesy Martha/Pottery Barn decorations. Cuddling up around the firepit drinking Bourbon and watching football...tailgating...It truly is the best.

One of my favorite memories is the Christ School vs Asheville School football game. All my Dad's high school buddies would venture up the mountain to experience my father cook all weekend, play music similar to the Big Chill soundtrack, and have a rip roaring good time. Of course the main event is the Football game at either CS or AS. Always a picturesque fall scene! GO GREENIES!!!

Greenie Fans at Christ School

Game at Asheville School

Does anyone remember that movie Hocus Pocus? It always creeps into my mind this time of year, and now Harry Potter movies also trigger the memories of Halloweens past. I can remember trick-or-treating in the snow in Asheville once! 

Here are a few images that might describe my crazy stream of consciousness better than I can. Oh the Nostalgia!!!!

Did I mention Fall is when my Camellias bloom? And look at my beautiful Oakleaf Hydrangea changing colors in the background. That should hopefully happen later in October.

Images from google, Martha, flickr, UNC, myself

Friday, September 17, 2010

Waiting and waiting and waiting for Fall

I'm working on a post full of beautiful Fall visions....but being that it is in the 90's here in NC I don't have the heart to post it. And with the absolutely horrid forecast.....I just want to pretend it is 62 degrees (as the high!)

 The only thing I can do this weekend to get myself in Fall mode are purchase the following....

Williams Sonoma makes some of the best Kitchen soaps and this one smells wonderful! Its way too expensive for washing dishes but at this point I don't care. And some of you might say it is cheesy but again, I don't care. I buy the Christmas one too!!!!

I found about the ever stylish Megan on twitter last night and she posted about these tantalizing suckers. Megan.... did you come buy out all the ones at Target in Charlotte too??? I was stuck with that apple scent and I would rather have pumpkin!!! Just look cuter burning them than I do!

M, may I please purchase these things this weekend?? You playing Golf = $40. Me buying smelly stuff = $40. Deal? Deal!

OH, and maybe several dozen pumpkins, a few scarecrows, and 10 pounds of fake spiderwebs? I kid. But not about the pumpkins.

Rue Magazine Review-Tear Outs

**I am not a professional blogger, decorator, or designer. I just love all things pretty and fashionable and like to blog because it makes me believe someone out there is listening and agrees!

I do love Lonny, really I do. But I was very excited to discover another online magazine was going to hit the interwebs. In my opinion** I think Rue is more geared towards those of us that are bloggers. The blogger side by side is one of my favorite features and all the little vignettes stacked up quite nicely. I didn't have the ooo and ahhhh over the photos as I do very infrequently at Lonny, but nevertheless I loved it.

Here are a few of my favorite pages AKA, I would have torn these out:

This is genius. I follow both of these lovely bloggers and to see a side by side comparison of their similarities and differences is perfect! (And makes me want to go get a manicure but its still freaking in the 90's here so no fall colors yet)

I love this Sofa. I missed the Gray period so there is none in my house. Marianne at Haven & Home loves gray and the pictures she posts are always so beautiful. I would love to redo my Kitchen/TV Room in grays, blues and all whites but when the $$ rolls in for that gray will be over!

Vicente Wolf and his gallery wall.
Jenny did a fantastic post about gallery walls and if they are out or still in. I have to admit, I love a gallery wall. I love taking pictures and have a fair amount of beautiful art prints I haven't gotten around into framing. My 1 year plan includes a gallery wall for our stairs, including images from where we grew up..and who we came from.

Kudos to Emily Henderson for wearing a Modcloth dress in her big spread in Rue. I love dvf, Milly, Tibi, Trina, and Tory just like everyone else but really....who has the $$ to make that their entire wardrobe? And if you do, cheers to you but promise you won't turn your nose up at Banana!!!

I want this stove for M. He is an amazing cook and is using an early 80's Jenn Air. Just imagine what he could do with this baby!!!! (And imagine how pretty it would be in my kitchen!!!)

So congratulations to Crystal Gentilello and Anne Sage. I think you have something wonderful on your hands!!! And I will leave you with two quotes from these ladies that I think speak to the blogger world!

"That friendships can be forged across continents by only a kind word, a warm gesture, and a shared lust for leopard print pillows."

"That what goes around comes around. So bake cookies for your neighbors, speak well of your competitors, and don't throw out your mother's platform shoes."

All Images from Rue

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

True Blood Season Shitfest Finale **Spoiler Alert

How does a HOT show turn to crap in 3 episodes? Yes, Bill and Sookie are cheesy and almost unbearable but the erotic flaming mess that is Lafayette completely makes up for it. This drama (bordering on porn) is campy, hilarious, and saucy. And what really gives me the red ass is they took this sex crazed backwoods bayou orgy from this....................

And turned it into this....

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Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am very fortunate for the places I have been able to travel. My Aunt bought a home (or several) in Provence over 10 years ago and I finally was able to make the trip in 2008. The one year wedding anniversary is paper, and our gift to each other were tickets to France! We were joined with my parents and my brother and sis-in-law.
My Aunt and Uncle's property is in Les Gros which is a tiny town near Avignon. I wish I had taken more pictures of "Maison Cowart" because her taste is truly unbelievable and she has decorated the houses in authentic Provencal fashion.
Each day we would head into a town (or several) and explore. Being wine enthusiasts we decided to make one of these day trips to Châteauneuf-du-Pape. We have had several amazing wines from this region and wanted to experience it sulfite free and in all its original glory.

Excerpt from Wiki:
Châteauneuf-du-Pape translates as "New Castle of the Pope," and indeed, the history of this commune and its wine is firmly entwined with papal history. In 1308, Pope Clement V, former Archbishop of Bordeaux, relocated the papacy to the city of Avignon. Clement V and subsequent "Avignon Popes" were said to be great lovers of wine and did much to promote it during the seventy-year duration of the Avignon Papacy. At the time, winegrowing around the town of Avignon was anything but illustrious. While the Avignon Papacy did much to advance the reputation of wines from Burgundy, the papacy also promoted viticulture in the surrounding area, more specifically the area 5–10 km north of Avignon, close to the banks of the Rhône River. Prior to the Avignon Papacy, viticulture of the area had been initiated and maintained by the Bishops of Avignon, largely for local consumption.

Clement V was succeeded by John XXII, who regularly drank the wines from the vineyards to the north, as well as Burgundy wine, and did much to improve viticultural practices there. Under John XXII, the wines of this area came to be known as "Vin du Pape"; this term later became Châteauneuf-du-Pape. John XXII is also responsible for erecting the famous castle that stands as a symbol for the appellation.

After viewing the Castle we drove into town where numerous Cave, or Degustations, lined the street. Pronounced "Cav" they were exactly that, small caves you walked down into to sample old and fabulous wines.

The Sommelier warming the wine over candlelight. Those "cavs" are chilly!

We wanted to experience an actual Winery but had no idea how to pick one from all the choices. One of us remembered seeing the label for Vieux Telegraphe and we pointed our French accented GPS to the coordinates.

Vieux Telegraphe derives its name from an old telegraph station and now lies on 70 hectares on the La Crau Plateau. Brothers Frederic and Daniel Brunier run VT along with La Roquète which is located in the center of Châteauneuf-du-Pape. When you pull up to the property it almost feels like you are being invited into someone's home with a beautiful winery attached.

30 octobre 2009

The 2007 Vieux Telegraphe may be the greatest wine made at this property since the 2005 and 1998. Dense ruby/purple-tinged with an exquisite nose of salty sea breezes, licorice, ground pepper, jammy black cherries, black currants, figs, and plums, this is a full-bodied, rich, Provencal-styled offering with lots of sweet, ripe tannin. It is surprisingly accessible for a Vieux Telegraphe (this wine normally shuts down several years after bottling), but it should have great longevity (25+ years) given its power, full-bodied mouthfeel, and enormous length and richness. This is a brilliant effort from brothers Frederic and Daniel Brunier.


The staff at Vieux Telegraphe was incredibly accodomating. They let us sample a few bottles, gave us a tour, and sent us on our way all the more wiser about red wine. If you are ever in Provence this is a stop you must put on your itinerary!

Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe

GPS: 44°02'34 N 4°53'06 E
Opening hours : 8-12am / 1:30-6 pm
closed on weekends and public holidays
Annual closure from Aug. 7 to 23.
3, Route de Châteauneuf du Pape
84370 Bédarrides
Tel. +33 (0)4 90 33 00 31 Fax +33 (0)4 90 33 18 47

From Danile Brunier at VT,

WS: What is your favorite food pairing with red Châteauneuf-du-Pape? And with white Châteauneuf-du-Pape?

DB: It's well-known that with our reds the best food is lamb. But of course it depends on the age of the wine; a very young red matches very well also with red meat, an older one can be superb with game. Olive oil and Provençal vegetables match very well with our reds. Some cheeses, but not all, are also very good with red Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

There it is from the expert!

A few selections from our Pantry

Hope you enjoy some this fall as the temperatures drop!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vanity Fair....YOU'RE FIRED.

If you are reading this blog I can assume you love magazines. When the lovely Domino folded I demanded they send me something in its place and Vanity Fair arrived. I thought I would adore the lovely pictures but the articles are always spot on and incredibly intriguing.

But of all the topics to cover this fall, with all the headlines around the globe, all the new buzz in the design go with her???

This is ludicrous.

People I would rather see on the cover of Vanity Fair:
Emma Watson
Rachel Bilson
My Mother
Kate Beckinsale

My Cousin Andy

Other Items that are still better than HOHAN:
A slice of Kraft Singles Cheese
Drop Dead Fred
The Fraggles-preferably Trash Heap
The Mom from "Married with Children"
A used band-aid
Deez Nuts
The Nothing
and a pile of shit.

But really? HER? Nobody gives a fucking shit that she is trying to make a comeback. I PROMISE. And yes, I had to drop the F bomb. It just didn't have the angry/pissed off vibe if I had pussy footed it.

Image credit: All over the GD internet