Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Megan over at A Life's Design posted about this great article from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles. First.... I just wanna throw in a WE DAT! (New Orleans beat ATL last night in ATL. Big deal! We secured a playoff spot!!)

These pictures are absolutely STUNNING. I have to post the Green bedroom first because this is where I was going with the Nursery ideas. Remember my post about Green Leontine pillows and fun China Seas fabrics? You can read it here.

Here is what I was going for...but with pale blue walls and a blue/green pattern somewhere. Or using one of the those fantastic green ikats with a pale blue border. This picture also shows how you can take white curtains and add a solid border which fancies them up a bit. Pauline Pitt used to add 4" or even 6" border to wide white curtains and it looked fantastic on the leading edges!!! Absolutely LOVE this room.

My dream outdoor living area.  Would also like an Outdoor kitchen/dining area but this will do for play time.

Beautiful Kitchen! I think the chairs are a little cumbersome but still gorgeous. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites!

I have lots of color in my house...but I always love homes soaked in neutrals. Look how soothing these two different areas are?

Thank you Megan for posting!

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