Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog Love Friday: Blue Chickadee

There is nothing better than receiving comments on your blog. It means people not only read what you have to say but they took time out of their insane day to comment.

Way Way Allen of Blue Chickadee commented on a post about Nursery art and I just had to go check out her blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE her work!!!! It is fresh, original and just downright adorable. Sidenote: have you ever noticed the amount of blog friends that are from the Southeast? Gotta love the South!

Elephant Print at Sugar Snap Pea

I will start with my absolute favorite. I had something similar to this stacked elephant print (mine was definitely not this cute as it was 1980) in my nursery. I'm sure mine was polyester stretched over a frame but it had rows of animals all stacked on top of eachother...I'm searching for an image but afraid you will laugh at my orange and yellow baby room with R2-D2 in my crib. Are you not LOVING this canvas? And I love that it is all blues...It is so simple and perfect for a nursery but doesn't give up the funky quality. This would be so cute in BabyFu's room!!!

LOVE her canvas bags. I'm sure these would come in handy with all the stuff I will be toting around!

The Green Alligator is speaking to me. And the bloomers are so cute. I asked my sister-in-law if I could put those on a boy and just remove the ruffles..she said no. But if I find out any of my friends have a girl....look what you will be getting!

Still loving Mr. Alligator. Maybe that is b/c I grew up with Audubon Zoo posters in my room. 

Here is her work at Sugar Snap Pea in Charleston. The set of 4 animal silhouettes is a huge contender for my favorite. Perfect over a crib?? YES Please! Or on each side of the curtains...hmmmm

If I could add this to my registry I would!

And last but not least Mr. Turtle. I know a certain someone who has a thing for Turtles so I know a perfect home for you!

Blue Chickadee has a shop on Etsy. Please go check it out!

Thanks Way Way for being a blog friend! Yes, that is her and don't hate her b/c she is beautiful.

Images via Blue Chickadee and Travis Dew Photography


  1. I love her, and her art!!!! Also love that we live in the same town!!!

  2. I love Way Way too! Not only is she gorgeous but so talented! I bought her onesie with the fish painted on it for Sterling and it was a favorite at our house. You make me laugh because I too wanted to take the ruffles off bloomers for my baby, my sister said no way! Why don't they make cuter stuff for boys? Love Blue Chickadee:)

  3. I love her nursery art!! (I blog stalked her the other day :)

  4. lovely... and i am happy to have found you... xx pam