Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boden Virgin

Show me the I'm-wearing-a-cardigan-but-still-a-slutmuffin look

I have never ordered anything from Boden but always love 99% of their catalog. (Some of the florals can read a little Grandma) Their style isn't super trendy or hot..but so put together and beautiful. Maybe this is the 30 year old in me talking. Has anyone out there ordered Boden?? All of these dresses look super comfy and give the illusion I could pull them off without losing all the baby weight.

I think the bottom line is they are what J.Crew was before it got all weird and funky. Yes...I love J.Crew but come on....aren't you over tissue tees with satin cargos and 3" heels. Who wears that? Here are just a few favorites...the commentary is not mocking the clothes, just merely mocking my strange obsession with them.

I would attend Church more with dresses like this in my closet. I LOVE shift dresses. I think living in South Florida did that to me, you just toss them on with a pair of sandals and you are done. Again..not sexy or something you will see at Luna, but I still love it.

Me shouting at the Garden Center...."Yes, I'll take three more blue Hydrangeas. No, not the damn lacecap you f*cking fool...the mophead. Jesus, must I do everything?"

How cheery and fun is this skirt? This could be Worth Avenue.

 You see frumpy. I see a post-baby body needing to make a run to Harris Teeter & Target. But I would just throw on Rainbows and not gladiators.

Erin and I at Pawleys "Penis Coladas!" (that is what my mother calls them) I do have a friend that has a beach tunic like this and it fits her like a glove..I prefer the blue though.

Very DVF-ish, and again..easy to toss on and hide fat post baby arms.

Silly M, he thinks I'm the designated driver after Brunch.

1 Shift + Big Sunglasses = Complete Outfit. So easy!

All Images via Boden


  1. Ordered lots for my kids but never for myself. I can't decide if it is really cute or a little frumpy. I see people wearing Boden and they look good, it just doesn't look like my style. Maybe that's a good thing! If you do order something let us know what you think!

  2. I've never ordered, but I usually love so much of it.
    (I don't see frumpy, really, but then again, I'm ahem, over thirty-something.)

  3. Haha, loved your commentary! Yes, I would go to church alot more if I had dresses like that in my closet too! They do have great kids clothes!

  4. love it all, miniboden is the ONLY line that has clothes for boys that rival the girls selection, and they always have great sale and discount emails/codes!

  5. My sister has a lot of Boden stuff and loves it. A little on the pricey side without the coupons, but really good quality and classic, like J Crew when it was only a catalog and not an artsy fartsy website with short films. Oh, and for kids clothes I LOVE Tea Collection but can only afford the sale stuff.

  6. Hows da baby bum!

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  7. I have a raincoat from Boden that I love and I get compliments on it all the time.

  8. Great post. You crack me up. If you do order from them you must post since I'm just a boden windowshopper thus far.

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