Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Bad Blogger

I am so sorry for not blogging for almost an entire month. Oh has been a month plus. This trimester is kicking my butt and I am extremely impressed by all you bloggers with other jobs who are preggo and still manage to post everyday. I do wash my hair everyday, does that get me bonus points?

You see, I have been somewhere in between this chick

And these two lovelies...

Let's hope she dances her way back to Cheers weight

Gilbert Grape's Mom

My OCD + Nesting and being off my meds is an extremely dangerous cocktail. And the fact that I cannot work out anymore..not even nice walks...has blown my nice weight gain plan.

I'm slowing down my OT at work and will start working from home more so maybe that means I will have more time to post! HAHAHA

Baby is due 3 weeks from this Wednesday. I'm dilated 1 cm and Dr. said..."He's way down there" AKA I'm going to have a conehead? The verdict is that he will probably come early.

Good news? Nursery is done!! I will do a post on it this week. I promise. OR I will eat McDonalds and Girl Scout Cookies. 



  1. if you're washing your hair every day then you're doing better than me! haha. Yep, still is actually my due date. I have been dialated between 1-2 cm FOR A MONTH!! What?! Seriously. I have tried every wives tale known to woman-kind and nada. Going to the doc tomorrow so will hopefully have an update soon! I hope you get to take a little work break and relax some, I know it is completely necessary these days! I feel like a zombie :) But it's all worth it!

  2. Washing your hair definitely gives you bonus points! You're doing a great job - and as one who was preggers with twins, I can promise you that the weight does come off. So enjoy the ice cream now!! Can't wait to hear about the arrival of the little one.

    PS - Sarah tells me that you are also a photographer? Need to ask you about photographing some of my projects!! You know, in all your free time. ;-)

  3. I vote for Thin Mints.