Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lance Moore staying a Saint!

Wide Receiver Lance Moore is staying a Saint!!! WHEW! Let's see what else shakes out the rest of the week...

Wide receiver Lance Moore confirmed on Twitter that he has agreed to re-sign with the Saints.

“Well, it’s been real New Orleans … but let’s make the next five years even more real, I’m coming back baby. Whodat?’’

As one of the many targets in Drew Brees' arsenal, Moore caught 66 passes for 763 yards and eight touchdowns last season. Moore will turn 28 in August, and even though he is not a No. 1 target, New Orleans is a good situation for him. Moore knows the system, and he's playing with a great quarterback.

Why ruin a good thing? Moore saw no reason to. Via here

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Here are some highlights!


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