Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who Dat? Brees Dat!!!

Last night Drew Brees broke Dan Marino's single season passing record with a touchdown pass to Darren Sproles. Even if you are not a huge football fan you have to love Drew. He is just a wonderful person and last night in the locker room he gave the team all the credit saying, "There might only be one name that goes in the record books, but it was all about you guys.". What a fantastic way to clinch the NFC South! Who Dat baby!!

 I think I need this sign for my yard. (Definitely ordering this for my dad's birthday)

And I think Ford got the coolest Christmas present gift in the family. My Aunt lives next door to Saints tight end David Thomas and he signed this book for Ford!

I hope you all had a magical Christmas!!!


Pure Joy

Golden Graham

Best gift ever!

Brees with Colston the "Ballerina"

Lance Moore!

All images via Times Picayune

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