Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Facebook Retail Therapy-Smocked Auctions

I'm sure you have already heard about Smocked Auction's site on Facebook. Besides Pinterest it is the new legal crack for us bubble obsessed mommas.

The first kids clothing site I ever stumbled across on Facebook was Smocked Auctions. When I became a fan there were maybe 7,000 other smocked crazed Moms pounding their refresh key twice a week in the evening. Smocked Auctions is now up to 58,000+ fans and climbing every second. What is the attraction? On Tuesday and Thursday nights SA hosts an "Auction" at 8:30 CST where they will post a photo of a smocked outfit and you have to write Sold, OOT (out of Texas) size and email as fast as humanly possible. I won an outfit last year and it was quite the thrill...but this is back when there were 1/8 of the fans there are now. The clothes are adorable and priced much lower than your typical shops around town.  Here is an example of the hysteria...
Yep, in 1 minute 111 people commented on this bubble. Insane!!! I'm not sure I could win again. I have seen husbands and wives act as teams on multiple computers throughout the house. And when I mean "I have seen" I mean through the hilarious banter that goes on during auction nights on SA's wall. Seriously, even if you aren't trigger happy with your keyboard you should at least watch an auction! And yes...I did win once!.......

My Smocked Auctions win back in the summer!

They also do Pre-orders which is great for Holidays. Ford's Christmas Snowman Longall came from SA. I would have done Thanksgiving also but went with Zulily.

Do you SA? Have you won? Do tell!


Friday, February 17, 2012

Share the Wealth

Most Southern women feel that discussing their private finances is taboo. But in this day and age I think women are becoming more open and honest about what their lives are like. Momastery wrote an amazing post about letting it all out and shocking people with the truth behind her perfect soccer mom persona. I would love to divulge all the stesses under this roof but just can't do it. I probably shouldn't tell my friends as much as I do already but I find it cathartic and helpful to know that my friends know why I don't call them all the time or ever look like I have showered.

In the lines of Momastery one of my favorite bloggers needs our help. Do you read Jenny from MFAMB? You should. She is amazing, hilarious and absolutely beautiful. Did I mention quite talented? Her paintings are making their rounds throughout the blogosphere and she needs your help.

Jenny original at Furbish

Head over to MFAMB and read this post and consider buying one of her paintings or donating your weekly Starbucks allowance. Or if you can't donate money, donate your little black book. Tell some glossy magazine or online look book about her paintings. Get her featured. Make her famous. Because she should be. And she makes you laugh for free which is much better than a therapist. Read Awards shows recaps here.


Southern Bourbon Mountains loves women that say fuck

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Honey, what do you want for Valentine's/Birthday/Anniversary??

I get this question quite frequently. Its not that M doesn't know what I like...I just am cheap. Horribly cheap. Wait, that sounds horrible. I'm frugal. Ugh, even worse. Example: When M asks what I want I say one of the lame answers:
1. A haircut. (Its been since August ladies....I don't have a person in Charlotte!)
2. An outfit for Ford
3. New dish soap from Williams Sonoma
4. Pine straw for the yard
5. Magazine Subscriptions

Yeah, real sexy gifts there Katharine. So you see why he just gives up and gives me a dollar amount and I go shopping. (For Ford.)

So I thought it would be a great idea (Thanks Natalie!) to post about what I want instead of what I need. M won't join Pinterest so I'm bringing my Pinterest Wishlist Board to my blog!

I love my Barbour jacket but this one is a touch more feminine and this color would be perfect year round.

I'm a smell person. Ask anyone that knows me well. Candles, perfumes, sachet packets....this perfume is amazing!

Oh Jane day I will have these in my Master. But not yellow...can't decide.

Cotton throw on dress that hides my arms, doesn't wrinkle, and machine washable? Yes please!

 I'm in LOVE with this scent!!

 White for the Den, because baby and mama love blankets!

Love this!!

Glossy Pretty Magazines
I'm ordering this today through Amazon! $10

The field where we dove hunt has a view almost exactly like this. Reminds me of sitting with my Dad shooting the sh*t and talking about life. 

Yes this is lame but have you smelled it? I love having a tiny bit of luxury in the Kitchen

I desperately need a new wallet. I love this Kate Spade one but I prefer to have the flip out section for your Driver's still on the hunt.

If this had an outside pocket this would be my summer bag. The huge baby bag is getting to be a little too much and this would be safe from Sippy cups, goldfish...etc!

Goyard Tote
Same reasons as above, would this be a great summer Mom bag?

Yes, back to practical...but I have tons of prints to be framed!! And the FW at Carmel Road and Quail Hollow has some of the nicest people ever. Tell them I sent you! Their prices beat everyone in Charlotte hands down.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Valentine's Day! If you want to see more items that are on my Wishlist, follow me on Pinterest!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fabulous Momness

Sorry my post is late, I had to run to the my skirt?

via DON

Later I will slip into this saucy number to go to my son's soccer game...

Brooks Brothers....seriously!

I will arrive at said soccer game in the Tesla Model X and serve Bloody Mary's and endive salads out of the trunk with crystal and fine china. Because of course it is pronounced endive. Hottest soccer mom ever, my 6 year plan.

Via Cnet


Monday, February 6, 2012

Gotta love the Giants....and Kate Mara!

Most of you are well aware I'm a Saints fan but in last night's Super Bowl I was obviously rooting for the Giants. And please, who gives a shit what Gisele said...really, who cares! I would like to gag all the press talking about her comments with a Victoria's Secret thong. Eli played a hell of a game and they beat the Pats again! Doesn't Eli seem like the nicest guy in the world? And he is SO LAID BACK. I need what he is on. I'm also very proud of UNC player Hakeem Nicks, Tar Heel with a Super Bowl ring!

This post is really about somebody else close to the Giants. Everyone is talking about Rooney Mara these days but do you know Kate Mara? She is the great grand-daughter of the founder of the New York Giants and used to sing the National Anthem at home games. She also happens to be one of my girl crushes.....behold....

I wonder if she was at the game. I wonder if she reads my blog. I wonder how I would look with that hair color?

Random post...yes. Cold medicine..probably took too much.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Bartender for Baby's First Birthday?

I'm starting to think our parents had it so easy. A cake, some streamers, color coordinated tablecloths, a few cocktails and the perfect birthday party was born. In the age of Pinterest/Etsy/Facebook/Blogging;  a birthday party is a mother's creative outlet. (Or an excuse to drink wine in the middle of the day with her friends) Behold a site I discovered through Pinterest......Kara's party Ideas

Now let me start off by saying I am not making fun of these parties. If I had the time and creativity I would do this in a heartbeat! But how do you keep a balance between these and a nice backyard fiesta?
Photos from my 1st birthday party-a fabulous backyard get together in New Orleans. March 14th, 1981

What is considered overboard? I am obsessing (who's shocked?) about this birthday party. Do I have a small gathering that is relaxed and casual? Or do I pick a cute theme and go all out? Ford is my first baby and I absolutely love having people over so my mission is to come up with a happy medium.

Just for fun I thought you would like to see some flashback pictures from this girl's birthday parties in the 80's!

My Grandmother Katharine "Kay" Braselman Boylan lighting my 1st birthday cake

2nd Birthday with a Doberge cake! (My absolute favorite from Gambino's)

3rd Birthday in the Mountains. We had just moved into Chipmunk Hill

McDonald's Cake!! Remember those Iced characters?

Trapped in Hamburglar. It started to hail 5 minutes after this picture

This was the norm for me. Pretty dresses, cake, either an Easter or St. Patrick's theme and giggles. (If a March blizzard didn't cancel the party)

What did you do for your baby's first birthday party? Want to come to Ford's? Is a Bartender overboard?


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Steven Stolman on OKL!

I had the pleasure of working for Steven at his Worth Avenue store right out of College. The man is a visionary and if I could I would have an entire wardrobe of his iconic toile shift dresses. My sister-in-law Jackie also used to work for Steven and was quite a model.....see for yourself!

Now Steven Stolman is President at Scalamandre and has a boutique on OKL. Go see the beautiful items he has selected here!