Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Post Vacation Blues

My brain is still on vacation but I worked 14 hours yesterday so here is a jumbled mess of thoughts for you this morning...

I'm so sick of my TV room. It is where we spend most of our time and I'm completely over it. The carpet is GROSS, 2 dogs and a kiddo and it is some old nasty shag. We had it steam cleaned a few weeks ago and then little F decided to vomit all over it. Thanks sweet pea. I want this room to be comfortable but pretty....right now it is beige, yellow with hints of royal blue. Bleh. How about these ideas?

All images via Pinterest (which is very unfair as I should list each fabulous designer, but alas the people I pinned from did not) I know Urban Grace, Kim Jeffrey, and Beth Webb are featured. Lots are via House of Turquoise.

Feeding little F (I'm not using his name anymore as M has concerns over his exposure) (stop laughing...I know I only have 128 followers). Anyways...Feeding him is like a scene out of I love Lucy...here he is eating grapes.

I know you all love summer, and I love some aspects of summer such as drinking fruity drinks, going to the beach, wearing sundresses...but it stops there. I'm ready for fall weather and not sliding off my leather seats. Maybe not 40 degrees but a nice cool 65 would be splendid. The other reason I feel this way is probably because I ate my weight in food at the beach and would love to hide under some jeans.

Imagine it is 64 degrees and breezy.....I love fall.

Love this cute casual look! Makes me want to chop my hair. via Matters of Style

Ah Fall clothes. via Polyvore

How cute is this ensemble? via The Pleated Poppy

LOVE this. via Pretty Stuff

And as a parting gift I leave you Blake Lively looking more like me in a bathing suit.




  1. I love these den photos. You deserve a new den!! I say start with the hardwoods. Love the color palate in the photos too. We have similar visions as I look at my passed down den furniture that looks like it should be in a Mexican casa....

    Also, I do think that haircut would be so cute on you!!

  2. Love that room with the quadrille potalla pillows. Love love love it for your house.

  3. you are not right, hilarious, but not right. not sure how i got behind on your posts.... definitely rose byrne on today's.