Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jessica Simpson Diet

Jessica Simpson back in the day

Jessica post baby

I also gained a lot of weight while pregnant. I quit looking at the scale (thanks cousin Ashley for the idea!) and would turn backwards for weigh in. I told them to tell me if there was a health concern, otherwise I didn't want to know. I'm pretty sure it was higher than 40 pounds..... BUT, I didn't have a starting point like Miss Simpson.

Breastfeeding does help with the weight loss but I found it hard to not bounce back like Bethenny. (Freak)


BUT...if a company was paying me millions to lose the weight you can bet your bottom dollar I would have a trainer living with me at home!!!! I do like the fact that she is honest about how hard it is but show us some progress shots girl! Otherwise everyone will guess surgery!
Those suckers are torpedoes

So, Jessica....when is the big reveal??


  1. She is on the cover of Life&Style and the new WW commercials start Sept 10. I also saw she will be on the new Katie Couric show Sept11.

  2. Yeah I heard the big reveal is Sept 10 and she claims she only has 10lbs left to get back to her prebaby weight. Not sure I believe she lost all that weight in 4 months. I mean she must have gained 60+ pounds.

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