Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Organization for Alzheimer's

Partially true...there will be some boozing and shopping this week!

Both M and I have taken tomorrow off so that I can get knee deep in projects at my parents house. Most of these projects revolve around helping Mom stay organized and minimizing clutter.

I had a sweet conversation with a designer here in Charlotte whose Mom also suffers from early onset ALZ and she said that checklists are very helpful as well as making sure her everyday items are all in plain sight.

I'm thinking the following areas need to be tackled:

  • Makeup Drawer
  • Closet, need to remove all Summer clothes and make sure all winter clothes are on display
  • Kitchen-Need to create a "Family Central" area with the calendar, invites, frequent phone numbers...etc
  • Purse-This one is tricky but I want to create a cosmetic case, easy wallet, and holder for iphone.
  • Iphone-This will be a several hour lesson
  • Vases/Candles/Pots-My mom used to make the most amazing flower arrangements but all her supplies are scattered around the garage, need to create an area that she can play.
  • Computer-Need to cleanup the Desktop and make sure she has shortcuts for Facebook and Gmail and that all her friends' email addresses are saved as contacts.

Here are some great ideas I snagged off Pinterest to help with my projects:

Their new Kitchen doesn't have an area set up yet for a "Family Command Station". I'm making one STAT!

Why can't I find more wallets like this? Opens flat, License in clear sight and cards within easy reach AND a zipper compartment. I'm still using a 10 year old Target wallet b/c it meets this criteria! Via A Bowl Full of Lemons

No way she could lose anything in here, love this organization!

My Dad could fill this out every Sunday so she could do the shopping on her own

Brilliant idea instead of filling up your poor keychain. Yes, I know there is an app for that but this is easier.

This is happening! (And I am tossing all the Clinique giveaway stuff from the 90's)

I can never ever find the lint roller. Genius

Mom and Dad have quite the medicine cabinet so this will be so nice when you are trying to find something specific.


This idea will be used in the kitchen too

Already ordered tension rods off Amazon

Mom was once quite the present wrapper so we have a great collection of the necessities. I'm thinking this for over her closet door.

This might not happen but I will try!

Do you have any good tips for home organization??



  1. I am sure that you have already thought of this but do you have a small note book for your mother's purse? My grandfather used to carry one while he was still able to run errands. He took little notes to keep himself on task.

  2. That will be so helpful for your mama. Hell, it would be wonderful for anyone! I need to do the same for my house.

  3. I so need to get organized. Great tips girl. I just went through and tossed all my old free samples it was liberating!