Friday, February 8, 2013

Please Hubby, Don't Send me Flowers!

Flower perfection. But don't order this...will cost $$$$$$.

Please don't have flowers delivered M!!! For the rest of you, send away!
But since we like to stick to the budget in our house, I am pleading with my husband to NOT send me flowers.

Valentine's Day is the biggest rip-off when it comes to roses. Feast your eyes on this.

Includes Oreos?? Well for Fucks sake I should order it right?

Plus, who likes red roses? They remind me of Alice in Wonderland and American Beauty. As far as roses are concerned only pastels in this house. And no purple...WTF. And besides, roses aren't even my favorite...they just happen to be cheap. 
My absolute favorites are peonies and hydrangeas (see below Wedding bouquet) So if you really want to knock my panties off grab some that look like this.

Save yourself the trouble and embarrassment of the ugliest vase imaginable and do the following:
1. Go to Fresh Market and get a dozen roses for $7.99. They might mark them up to $9.99 for the holiday. Big deal. Or really impress me with some Hydrangeas and Peonies. But white roses are fine sweetie.

2. Go pick up your significant other's favorite take-out. I would like 2 spicy crunchy tuna rolls thank you.

3. Grab a package of the vanilla birthday cake Oreos from Harris Teeter. (The ones on the left M)

You may be asking where is the alcohol?? No worries, we have plenty.



  1. Amen, I agree with that! I will copy and paste for Ryan : )

  2. You're right. Red roses are for amateurs.

    I told my Hubs at the beginning of our relationship - NO FLOWERS.

    He broke the rule once, and only once, when I was having a family issue of epic proportions. The gesture was very, very much appreciated.

  3. Word! The mark up is insane! I just scored some giant white hydrangeas at Harris Teeter for $4.