Friday, February 22, 2013


This looks luxurious...but add a cocktail and make sure it is PRIVATE.

Do you remember the scene in Date Night where Tina Fey says her fantasy is to have a hotel room all by herself? And to just be alone? I've been having that fantasy lately.

This was me at a party this past weekend. Thanks to the Dads and Erin there to help me corral my kid. This will also be me tomorrow at a birthday party. Apologies in advance.

I complain a lot. My kid is adorable and I love him to pieces. But why does he cry when he eats? And why does he hit me in the face with his spoon?

I am aware that I only have one kid. And what scares the bejesus out of me is when we think about having two. I know I want another, M isn't so sure. I don't completely blame him, F is WILD. I picked him up from daycare yesterday and his teachers were just shaking their heads. I must be doing this wrong. I discipline him (not when we travel but at home we are pretty strict) but he either completely loses it when I say No or giggles. Again, I think I'm doing this wrong. The one thing that makes me feel sane is other moms. Moms, please tell me your almost 2 year old boys are certifiably nuts.

Mom friends....a trip with you ladies is a close 2nd place. Doesn't this look fabulous?

But my kiddo aside I really would love a mini getaway. Yes, girl weekends are amazing and I could use about 20 of those but that means I have to shower, wear makeup, be silly, and take pictures. These are all things I absolutely enjoy but lately I've been leaning towards alone time.

Sunrise at Pawleys, my favorite time to sneak out of the house and take pictures....

I want a weekend in a beach/lake/mountain house just by myself. The first destination in my mind is always Pawleys. It would need a first floor master that has a view of the ocean and a big fluffy bed.

 TV would be necessary as well as a big bathtub preferably with jacuzzi jets. We don't have a big bath in this house and I miss taking huge bubble baths (with wine) sooooo much.

I would leave after work on a Thursday and stay until Sunday morning. We all know I'm no chef but there are about 3 things I can make. I would probably go eat at Franks Outback, Hacienda, or somewhere at the Hammock Shops for lunch...have a few glasses of white wine and then settle back into the house for the afternoon. I would go for a run in the morning and then read/sleep/snack/drink/swim on the beach or porch the rest of the day.

This isn't too much to ask right? And speaking of being alone, have you ever been truly alone? No devices, no phones/tv/people? The only places I have ever experienced this is 1. on an Outward Bound Course solo in Baja California. 24 hours alone in the desert on an island is very therapeutic and 2. Rockbrook Camp. There are so many spots at camp you can walk/hike to and just be alone. 

Bed, pool, fireplace, multiple plasmas....ahhhhhh

What do you think? Do we need alone time? Is it too much to ask? If I have more children am I going to end up like the Ashley Judd in Ya Ya Sisterhood and runaway to a hotel???

Me alone in Zurich? Yes please

Lake house for 1? Yes please


Retreat in Napa? Okay, this would probably be more fun with friends but still....

Again, all these places would be amazing with friends...but still

Poolside at Maison Cowart in Provence.....oh please take me back!!!!! Dad cooking lunch, family drinking Rose by pool...


Las Ventanas in Cabo....on my wish list


All images via Pinterest except my three personal ones. I think giving image credit to Pinterest is horseshit b/c nobody is really getting credit but it gives me complete anxiety to try to track it all down. So there.


  1. Gurl, I've been there. I cannot tell you the joy I felt down to my DNA when Pea started full-day kindergarten this past fall.

  2. They're all crazy. Boys, Girls, it doesn't matter. Wells doesn't nap and has more energy than I thought possible. I don't do the food battles. She eats goldfish some days. She threw her sippy cup of milk at my face this morning. It was 6:45am, freezing cold and sleeting, and she was pissed because I told her we couldn't go to Target right then. I'll be honest, if you think one is hard, two is harder. A lot harder. But I wouldn't give either up for the world. And I'll have double the kids to pay for my poolside tab at the retirement home when I'm old. So that's a plus.

  3. I was just on the phone with a friend complaining about my awful week with my 2 yr old. We've had the stomach bug and have been stuck inside with each other for the past 7 days with no break and little sleep. It's enough to make you crazy. I told her I wanted to check myself into a hotel tonight. You're not alone!!!!

  4. You are not alone Sterling is just as trying. Two is a hard age really hard and sad to say it doesn't get much easier. I dread meal time. Alone time sounds amazing. We could go together I'll skip makeup and pictures but I'm in for booze and good food:)

  5. I'm with you, I love my alone time. We all need it! For me, once my kids hit 3 years old it seemed to get a little easier. I know it's corny but learn to pick your battles. That piece of advice has saved my sanity at times.

  6. Buy the Love and Logic: Birth to Six Years Old book. It's fabulous, or at least it was for me. (I know things are different for every mom and every little one!) But when I had totally HAD IT with my boys - as in, it just might be them or me! - I bought it, stayed up half the night reading it, and seriously things turned around the next day! Other than that, ((((hugs)))) and this too shall pass.