Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter-Life Will Find a Way

We are traditionalists in my family. Well, at least my Dad and I are. We enjoy doing the same things year to year for the Holidays. Easter for us is early Church (especially now with a kiddo) and then back to our house to prep for the Myer Family to come. There are 8 Myers, just 3.5 Boylans this trip (M and D had to head back to Florida). Long story short they are our family that we spend every holiday with and I love our weekends together so much. Easter is always Rosemary Leg of Lamb, Tommy's cheesy potatoes, asparagus and coconut cake by Dot. We typically drink all day and then if its nice lay in the grass staring at the clouds with a nice French Rose.

Our extended family! (Andy in red is actually my cousin!)

Church was PACKED Sunday morning. Mom and I shared a chair off to the side and Dad had to stand. The entire Myer family was off in one of the transepts...it was nuts. I always try to listen to the sermons but usually I start thinking of to-do lists, if F is okay in the childcare...etc. But our Dean Todd's sermon this Sunday was absolutely incredible.

Todd first asked what does it mean to believe? (I will try to paraphrase)

When Mary recognized Jesus, was she a believer then? Was she a believer that morning? Possibly believing has nothing to do with knowing, it isn't thinking we might be believers, believing is about what we do. The choices we make. Showing up. Then he asked, what does it take to "see" new life?

He spoke about "Life finding a way". He used Jurassic Park (which I love) as his analogy. He said this movie proclaims "Life will". The park said they had everything under control. Controlled the DNA, controlled the dinosaurs and what Jeff Goldblum said was that life will not be contained. It breaks free. Life finds a way.

And Easter proclaims life finds a way. And life will always have to go through the violence of the cross. But life will reappear. Life shows up because of those who show up.

He went on to say believing is people facing life threatening diseases, and continuing to fight. Believing is a new pope who goes to a prison to wash feet and washes the feet of a Muslim woman. **Believing is parents bringing their kids to school the Monday morning after Newtown**

Now please bear with my anaology but for me my Mother is life finding a way. She has worked all of her life and now is home alone as my father is still working his booty off. Instead of laying around and watching Soap Operas my Mom has found a way. That way is the wonderful women at Jazzercise. When you work your entire life you really aren't sure what to do Monday - Friday. Most of her lady friends did not work full time jobs and already have their routines about them. Her other friends in town are still working. So what is my mom to do? She is limited in the things she can go out and do on her own due to her early onset Alzheimer's.

What my Mom found was Jazzercise. She goes twice a day every day M-F and Sunday afternoons. I went with her this Saturday (that class is no joke!) and the LOVE her. I had 10 different women come up to me saying how much they love my mother. The teacher, Susan, is one of my mother's best friends right now. She takes her out to lunch, they go run errands and do things that girlfriends do. This woman has come into our lives as a blessing and an angel. Jazzercise is how Life finds a way for my mother and I cannot express how wonderful it is for her physically and emotionally. I fought back tears as she was showered with hugs and stories and cheers. 

For me this Easter, life finds a way, and I am so happy that my Mom has found hers. 


Somebody put on a beach music CD...dancing occurred. No shame.


  1. I love looking at your pictures and seeing Asheville. All Souls is such beautiful church- I have been for a couple of weddings. My in-laws got to First Baptist, which is also pretty, but I just love the Village.

    That is so wonderful about your mama and Jazzercise. I do it here in Knoxville- there is probably 60 ladies in the big Friday and Saturday classes- I love the camaraderie, and the fact that there are size 0 college girls, young mothers working off baby weights/through pregnancies, to our parents' age, to little 80 year old ladies! And I burn like 800 calories a class.

  2. Beano just told me about your mom, I am so so so sorry, that is just awful. I am so glad that Ford is thre for her an for you. We look forward to seeing them again in June for Sam's wedding, and sometime you and I have to meet. Love and sorrow, Dee

  3. This is beautiful. Moms are such strong people. It's amazing how true character shines through even amidst such a frustrating disease. Love and support to you both!