Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why I love Sports

7 year old Jack Hoffman, a brain cancer patient, at the Nebraska Spring Game (video below)

Silly Clay Matthews and his hair

Love Dad athletes. Might as well be Mom Porn.

Panthers Steve Smith volunteering at Rhyne Elementary in Gastonia handing out new tennis shoes

This requires a much longer explanation than I have time for this morning but let me just say I love Sports. I love Athletes. I love what teams do when there is a tragedy. I love what they do to make people's wishes come true. I love their back stories and how they have overcome so much to be where they are today.
 (Jimmy Graham)

I don't understand following reality TV stars. I would much rather see pictures of Greg Olsen or Clay Matthews or Peyton Manning or Adam Scott leaving Starbucks, leaving the gym, house-hunting, shopping for clothes..etc.. than any of those KarTrashians, Blohans or Real HouseWhore sluts. Why do we need to see pictures of these useless people when we can see gorgeous images of Greg Olsen picking up dry cleaning? Right?
Helloooo Greg Olsen

Which house Peyton?

Helloooo Adam Scott. Need a place to stay for Quail Hollow??? I'm right down the street!

Seriously. He is gorgeous and look at his beautiful family!

Here are a few videos that might help you understand why I love sports......

First home game since Boston Marathon Tragedy


Love me some Aaron Rodgers. What a great guy. Looks like my friend Abby's hubby Mike. Heeeyyyy Mike.

Spontaneous move by it. His PR chick is pissed she didn't think of it.

Pierre. Love Pierre.

We need more stories like this. 

Love these two. Love Federer more...they cannot stop laughing at Rafa trying to speak English.

Drew Brees Make a Wish for Devan

Djokovic isn't the nicest tennis player..but he could be the sassiest...

And of course I"m partial to this video. Not exactly athletes (musicians) but that season for the Saints in the Dome after Katrina was Magical. Just pure magic. And Steve Gleason.

And this is allll Steve Gleason. First home game back in the Dome. MAGIC. FAITH? 

This video is for the No White Flags campaign to defeat ALS. This is Steve Gleason now. Look at the Athletes/Coaches in this video. You want to follow people in social media? Follow these guys.

I know I'm missing some amazing moments. Look for a post about best Sports movies soon!


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