Monday, July 15, 2013

Pawleys Island Bound!

I probably won't post much over the next two weeks because I will be inebriated on the coast of South Carolina at the East Coast's oldest beach resort.

And don't even think of breaking into our house. We have 3 ways to prevent that:
1. alarm system
2. contractors working on the chimney
3. BADASS neighbors with guns
4. Housesitter with a taser.

Yep, that's 4 ways instead of 3 and I didn't use capitalization. I'm already on effing VACA.



Storm over the creek

Bourbon and Cigars by moonlight

Visiting with Mama friends!

Franks Outback. I'm gonna get fat.

Fingers crossed we get a boat.

Spending time with my mama

Hanging with my adorable niece & nephew! (And my boys of course) Tan-white-tan-tan

Beachin it ALL DAY (PLEASE F!!!)

Ubiquitous Group Shot. (My gorgeous sister-in-law and Brother)

Can't wait to see you Breckenridges-Boylans-Stricklands-McCutcheons-Atkinsons-McMillans-Foys-Draytons-Smiths!

Did I leave anyone out?



  1. Have so much fun! You will be amazed at how much better F will be on the beach. You're seriously making me want to throw the kids in the car and come hang out!

  2. Ah! SO jealous!!! This is the first year in about 25 that my family hasn't gone to Pawley's!! We normally rent the house just two down from yall, "Gray Lady." Have a ball!

  3. Well inebriated or not you did a great job on these photos and this blog. It seems as though everyone had a really good time. The food at Franks Outback looks great. There is no better way to finish off a great evening than to relax for the rest of the day on that beautiful beach.

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