Thursday, August 29, 2013


R & F. Carolina onesie he received at a baby shower. These gifts rule.

When F was first born we received tons of fun fan gear. Onesies, hoodies...etc. And when he turned 1 we got another crop of adorable team outfits. But now......WE HAVE NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Kickoff is less than 10 hours away!!!!
Sorry for the picture overload...but cute was he?? (Still is!)

UNC Bball he almost shoplifted from the Airport.

Fancy Footballs...

Double 0 baby. 

Smocked Footballs...yep, it exists. 

Best Mobile Ever. Found this at the YMCA sale. 

I'm going to head to Target/Wal-Mart/Old Navy to satisfy his toddler fan requirements on my lunch break. For you UNC fans out there here are some good suggestions if you can't buy local:

They have Cheerleading outfits up to a size 14. Double dog dare me to squeeze my ass into one?

And for Mommy...
Next week I'll post some good outfits for the Pros baby! NFL kickoff next week! #TBT for the win.

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