Monday, September 30, 2013

Boy Clothes (Post Smocking Era)

Its inevitable...I couldn't keep him in jonjons forever.

Consignment Sale season is upon us and I'm starting to realize the boy stuff thins out after 3T. Probably because they are so hard on their clothes...and also because it just gets less and less exciting for the boys.

Why are consignment sales such a big deal? I like to be frugal. He is going to wear these clothes less than a season and I do not have any we-love-to-spoil-grandchildren-with-buckets-of-clothes grandparents. That isn't their fault, its just not their thing. They would rather chip in for a swingset. Winning right?

So its up to me to clothe this boy and this year I'm at a disadvantage already as I missed several of the big sales due to my work schedule. Here are a few items I would like to pick up to supplement this guy's fall wardrobe. Sizes listed in case there is a fairy godmother out there.

Boden Contrast Stitch T-shirt Washed Blue/Ecru stripe $18 (2-3yr)

Boden 7 pack Sock (Tommy Myer would approve) $30

Boden Vintage Johnny Red Cords $42 (2yr)

Come on, I know it seems so1980 but these rock in the winter

Orient Expressed Blue and White Striped Football Shirt $29 3T and matching pants

Orient Expressed Pirate Red Sweater $44 3T

Vineyard Vines Boys Jersey 1/4 Zip $49.50 3T

Vineyard Vines Boys Fleece Vail Vest $55 3T

Jack and Jill Designs Firetruck Turtleneck $25.99  3T

Pisgah Brewing Kids Tye Dye Shirt $15

And last but not least....Urban Baby Runway's Preschool Sweatshirt $34.99

Way cooler than this guy right?

Any cool stores/sites that I don't know about?
Happy Boy Shopping!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Why I Walk-Walk to End Alzheimer's

 ALZ Walk 2012

I am walking in this weekend's Walk to End Alzheimer's for my mother Barbara Brown Boylan.

My mom was diagnosed in 2011 with Early-onset Alzheimer's. We had been noticing changes in her behavior and the prognosis was devastating. My grandparents didn't live long enough for us to know if this was something hereditary and with nobody else in the family having ALZ we were on our own to search for answers.

I walk so that no other families have to face this disease. I walk for funding for more resources for caregivers. I walk so that my brother and I don't have to be fearful of our own health every time we forget something. And I walk because it is therapeutic. When a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's you feel helpless. When they are sundowning and there is nothing you can do to calm them you feel helpless. And as Alzheimer's slowly erases all their memories and abilities and joys you feel helpless.

Walking makes me feel less Helpless.

I am lucky enough to know two women who have been Alzheimer's mentors to me. One is my family physician here in Charlotte. I can go to her for a routine cold and sit in her office for 30 minutes and talk about Alzheimer's for 28 of them. She doesn't know it, but just going to a check up is like therapy for me. She can look me in the eyes and say, "You've been dealt a shitty hand and it is going to hurt all over again every time you see your mother". 
She was right.

The other is my co-worker Martha. She checks in on me weekly to see how things are going and gives me advice on having an Alzheimer's mom and tips on how to help my Dad. She sends random cards, notes, and sent me a great reading list to help me comprehend what battle we are up against.

Both of these women lost their mother's this year. I walk for them.

I also am so thankful for social media. Go ahead and laugh but when my mom was diagnosed  I googled it and then found the Alzheimer's Association and found the walk, blondes vs brunettes, support groups...etc. There are loads of resources out there for caregivers and patients alike. It also helped me find a group called Seniors helping Seniors which we hope to be using soon. I have also met wonderful people at all the ALZ events that I am now in touch with and can go to for advice or stories or just a good laugh.

Mom and Beaupe at Pawleys

My point about all this is that I sometimes wish I had the capability to hold all this in and smile and say we are doing great, but that would be disservice to the Alzheimer's movement. It is not easy, it is not a one man job, and we all need help. And you may not know someone that has been affected by ALZ today, but the scary thing is that it is almost guaranteed you will know someone in the next 10 years. It is an EPIDEMIC. My father definitely won't ask for help. He is the strongest and most patient and loving husband and father I have ever known. He is blessed with a great network of friends in Asheville that are all each doing their part to help us on this journey.

Boylans at Napoleon House

I don't always know how to explain it to my friends. We are in the early stages so sometimes things seem fine. *Sometimes*. Lauren Miller (Seth Rogen's wife) put it best. She said that we are at the point in life where most women become best friends with our mothers. We ask them for parenting advice, we swap stories of marriage, breastfeeding, daycare, being a working mother. If you are currently in this stage with your mother love it and cherish it. Take her out to lunch. Take her out for a pedicure.Soak up every ounce of wisdom and love she is giving you. 

Which is why I walk this weekend. So that no child has to lose a parent to this horrible disease.

Please link-up to this post or forward or donate today! The walk is this Saturday September 28th!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Alzheimer's Facts & Figures

You will see several posts about Alzheimer's this week. This Saturday is the Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer's and Krewe BB has almost reached its goal! You can donate to us here.

If you were curious about the impact of ALZ here are a few facts. This video is pretty shocking and doesn't deliver the news wrapped up in a cute message. But why should they? There is no cure, no prevention and no stopping Alzheimer's.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bucket List: New Orleans Saints Game in the Dome


Dome Opener, against the Falcons, Steve Gleason as honorary guest...........

And we WON!!!!!

There really are no words. I can't even begin to describe the excitement I have had building up to this game. There are also no words b/c I sound like Kathleen Turner after a carton of cigs. I'll list the best articles about the game at the end of the post. I am mad at myself for not getting a good picture of me and my parents in the dome but it was all a whirlwind. We started at 9am and my cousin's girlfriend's tailgate, then checked out Champion's Square, and then stopped by our friend's tailgate and then got to our seats. Seriously furious at myself for not stopping and taking pictures of us but I was so enthralled by the Dome atmosphere and the game that I just didn't. Let it go Kat.

Let's also mention the NAILBITER of a game it was. It was a thriller fo sho!

Here are the pictures I did get.

A huge thank you to our family friends for letting us go to the game with them. Tickets aren't easy to find and this was truly a huge deal to this Saints fan and her Dad.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend in New Orleans!

Dublin Street. My first home.

My parents and I are wheels up this morning to head to New Orleans. I have never been to a Saints game in the Dome and my constant harassing of my father has finally paid off. We decided to make a 3 day trip out of it to eat/drink/visit our pants off. 

I really really want to post a great list of places to go in New Orleans but my advice is outdated as when we finally do get down there we end up going to all of our old favorites and no new spots. 

Here are the stops on our list for this weekend. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

 Arrival Lunch

 Drinks at Napoleon House after lunch. The spot where my Mother hit on my Father. Yep, she picked him up in a bar!

 Trip out to Metairie

To find the Braselman Tomb(possibly my final resting spot) and the Brown Tomb

 Po-Boy from my favorite spot in between lunch and dinner. (I can hear myself getting fatter)

Would love to make it to Gleason Gras before our late dinner. Gleason Gras is named for Steve Gleason and is to raise awareness for ALS and to support the Gleason Family Trust.  
Gleason was on the Saints special teams in 2006 when the Dome opened post-Katrina and he blocked the Falcon's punt, which set up a TD for DeLoatch, and created one of the most epic Saints moments in time




Lunch. Never been. Salivating already. (I brought ALL expandable clothes)

Post-Lunch National World War II Museum. My uncle was a docent and my Dad is so excited!

39th Anniversary Dinner for my Parents!

 Drinks after??? Good bars?

And then on Sunday we will be HERE!!!!!! WHO DAT BABY! BEAT DA DIRTY BIRDS!

Tailgate in Champions Square?

And then maybe breakfast here (yes, we are being touristy) before we fly out..

What did I forget?