Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Halloween Costumes. The Good, The Bad, and the Husband as a Piñata.

BLT. I've emailed this to all my mom friends with multiples. So cute!

The past two years have been pretty simple for F's costumes. $9.99 cow costume at TJ Maxx? Sure! My nephew's Kermit the Frog costume? Done! But I am clueless as to what he should be this year.

This is probably the last year I can just grab something and make him wear it. Although this morning he did not want to put on a jacket and I had to sneak on his fleece vest while he played cars. So maybe I'm completely wrong about getting him to wear anything. I mean...he is obsessed with his Soccer Shots shirt and hates pants. Streaker for Halloween? 

Here are some good ideas followed by BAD ideas.

Loved this Costume from the movie Up since it went wild on Pinterest

This mom is much more awesome than me. I am not capable of such craftiness.

Brilliant. Even better if you could put the candy in there.

When F is older we are SO doing this. Love Harry Potter anything. Except that asshole Malfoy.

 Multiple Kids? No problem!

That Food Babe chick would probably tell you the carbs in this costume would harm your child. She can eff off. #Teamsugarandcarbsandtacobell

You could call this my Mudroom.

Melissa & Doug can pretty much do no wrong. He could wear this with jeans but still look costumey right? Or is he too young?

 Awesome Parents


 Stop the cuteness.

Love this for you hoochie College Chicks....

And now for the BAD IDEAS!


Goth Rocker Chick? Murder Weapon as musical instrument?


NO. Just NO.

Kid French Maid? Seriously? 

While this is ridiculously accurate.... NO.

This is NOT accurate. Goth chicks aren't cheerleaders. Except in Bring it On.
A tad funny but NO.

Wal-Mart was actually selling these this year and had to pull off the shelves. Toddlers are naughty regardless...don't sell slutty leopard outfits.

And then the parent options..... Think Max and I can pull this off?

This would take the cake..
What is your family dressing up as this Halloween? YAY for it being on a Thursday!

All images from iVillage, Pinterest or the Ellen Show

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  1. I can't even handle how cute that UP! little boy is. He reminds me of the adorable little kid in Jerry McGuire. Love your blog!