Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Home Office Progress

I am very very lucky to have the ability to work from home. People always say, Oh that must be so nice to have your son home. WHAT?! No, he still goes to daycare...I wouldn't be able to hit send on an email if he was here. But it is a luxury that I do not take for granted. Especially when I do have to go Uptown for a week straight. To "get ready" (shower, blow-dry, make-up, not put on yoga pants) for 5 days is pure torture for me. I realize you are all like wah wah wah cry me a river you bitch but again...I count working from home as a privilege and a blessing. Plus...I despise wearing high heels and barely own any professional work clothes.
There I said it. I love to get dressed up and the way it makes me feel but after a few hours I'm DONE. Just call me Frumpy McFrumperson.
The issue with the fact that I work from home is so does Mr. Southern Bourbon Mountains. Yep, we are under the same roof all day. But I'm online by 7am as the chipper obnoxious morning person, and he is a night it kind of works out. What really helped is I kicked him out of the Formal-Living-Room-turned-office and he is in the Utility room.

So we have gone from this...

to this...

But this room still needs lots of help.

The nice thing is if I hide my personal laptop you don't see the computers when you walk in the front door. But you do see the huge empty space, a few half-assed hidden piles of junk and unbalanced furniture. And a ton of Bourbon.

Bourbon, empty space, and bad tablecloth

 I would love to skirt the desk. Its just the cheapo Ikea desk but I have fabric the same color as the wall I could do a gathered removable skirt?? Velcro on the bottom?

Yep, luxury. That Ikea chair houses my ass for 10 hours a day. It hurts. I need something else but something pretty enough to be in this room. I also want a type of aesthetically pleasing corkboard for notes?

See that big empty area on the right? I have a small chaise at my parents I could put there. Cover in a buffalo check?

These chairs are too big to be on each side of the TV Cabinet. And they are too short. Taller slipper chairs would look good or a type of ladder back with cushion? I need to hang art on each side also. The problem is if I move the chairs to the middle of the room again they are uneven. The windows aren't centered in the room. FAIL. So the just feel like two huge boobs hanging out. Will probably leave by the TV for now. Leaning Mirrors would also look good on each side but I already have a huge mirror in the room.

Here are some inspiration pics..

I could do the skirted desk and just detach the front?

I love this chair. I think its Pottery Barn Teen?

If this was our forever house we would definitely add doors. 

Another skirted bookshelves but built-ins are $$$$$

Random but how much do you love this? We have boxes of Max's Dad's recipes from when he was a professional chef. Dining Room?

Still too kiddy looking

Pretty but do the shelves ruin the room?

I love this but is it too College?

Favorite. I think we can make this board right? Just must keep it clean. And have fresh flowers. And perfectly sharpened #2 pencils. And lumbar support.

What do you think? What else do I need? I am stealing an area rug out of my parents' attic....


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  1. move the couch or the two chairs in front of the window to help balance that view and you're golden. Velcro is your best friend in this case. I've always stapled my skirts but that won't work with an ikea table. Looking good!