Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Queen's Cup Steeplechase on April 26th to benefit the Alzheimer's Association

I am so excited that the Queen's Cup has selected the Alzheimer's Association to be their charity this year! I am on the committee with the Alzheimer's Association for the Cup and the turnout for volunteers has been AMAZING!

I never got to go to the Carolina Cup in College (it was always Pi Phi founders day weekend) so I am really looking forward to experiencing the Queen's Cup here in Charlotte! I haven't been to a horse race since 1997 at Keeneland! Now to work on my hat...

One thing we need is to sell raffle tickets! The Alzheimer's Association receives 100% of ticket sales and the prizes are pretty incredible! Please email/message/facebook/tweet me if you would like to buy some. Prices are located in the top left corner.

If you are thinking of going please let me know! My parents and I are considering a tailgating spot before they are all gone!

 See you in a month!!

Window Shopping Wednesday-Easter Dresses

Easter 2013. Seersucker suit because it was FREEZING. And a watering can duck because he said so.

With my Mom being in town the past two weeks we did a lot of window shopping and man it has me wishing for warmer weather. (And tanner skinnier legs). 
Easter 2012...a gorgeous WARM Easter in Asheville with yard lounging and rose drinking...

I realized Easter is less than a month away and I need to get on it! Easter Dresses were always a big deal around my house as a kid. My Aunt would send me a gorgeous frock from France or England (she had four boys and was desperate to get somebody all dolled up) and let me tell you...these dresses were out of this world!

I cannot find this on the Vineyard Vines site. Help!

My one rule about an Easter Dress is it must be light colors! NO BLACK on Easter! And really no RED. Yuck. Easter is a celebration and also the first time you are officially allowed to bust out your linen/seersucker/straw. (Unless you live in Florida)

Here are some beautiful options for Easter this year! Let's hope it isn't abysmally cold like last year! (I'm talking to you Asheville)

A few notes: I love Lilly, but this year has underwhelmed me. I love this dress but up close it looks like little daisies (hate daisies on clothes). Also what the hell is up with her hair? Walk of Shame comb-over? I want a huge fucking smile on this chick and some cute earrings.

Another Lilly Tip-Do NOT try on the Robyn dress by Lilly this year. It is TERRIBLE! And smile, this is Lilly for Shit's sake!

This is by far the darkest dress I will post but I just adore the pattern and the cut. I probably wouldn't wear to an Easter Church Service but I couldn't leave it out because it is gorgeous.

AH, Easter Favorite!

Lindsey Carter of Troubador was a Pi Phi at UNC Ladies...Boom Boom!
The sleeveless version is perfection also. Can't find a good picture. PS-I HATE White shoes.
Perfect Spring Dress, just add a fun necklace!

See, the Vineyard Vines girl is smiling!

Sometimes I want to "slip into something more comfortable" if my Easter dress is not booze proof so here are a few options for after Church.

What are you going to wear for Easter?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Peanut!

No more posing for pictures with this big guy!

I could never imagine what being your mother would teach me. You are the brightest light in my life. You are my constant reminder that things are okay. You are my toughest competitor. 

You love all sports at this point but still talk about your Soccer Shots Coach and your outfit of choice is soccer pants and a football jersey. (still) 
You shocked both of your parents when you took the hand of your swim teacher at Charlotte Aquatics and got right in the pool.

I think unfortunately you have inherited the Braselman genes which means you will not be Tyler Hansbrough but maybe we can aim for Lionel Messi.
Your Great Grandmother Katharine Ford Braselman

You are so smart and love books and hugs and eskimo kisses. You "read" to me now at night and then request all your favorite songs, Twinkle Twinkle, Day is Done, Mary...all the good drunk Boylan classics.

You adore your big brother Koko and just told us he is your best friend. 

You are surrounded by tons of amazing friends and............

 have one of the HANDS DOWN craziest group of family members a kid could ask for.

The 2's and 3's have rumors about them that are somewhat true.....but I know we can battle them together. Your reasoning gets me everyday and I hope you never ever stop wanting to snuggle with Mommy and Daddy.

You never cease to amaze or challenge me but that is the most wonderful gift of being a parent.
I love you so much peanut,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Throwback Paul Simon and a Needed Break

This looks incredible.

I am emotionally and physically spent after the past 3 weeks. So much so that a beach house for a weekend all by myself sounds like pure heaven. Some friends can come too. Girls only. I'm aware I don't deserve a trip yet since I went on two pretty fantastic ones in the fall...but I need it.

So instead of a hilariously written blog post about some fascinating topic, here is one of my favorite (but not very popular) Paul Simon albums.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Queen City Friends-You are Royalty

Last Friday's Boozy Birthday Lunch (not my baby, that is Baby Mac!)

First I want to thank all of you that came to Roosters on Friday to booze it up with my family and celebrate my birthday. I could not believe the turnout and had such a wonderful time with all of you.

When Max and I moved to Charlotte in 2006 we really didn't know anybody. I had one college friend (that I knew of) here and we were just getting our bearings in a city that I only really knew from driving to the mall for prom dresses, Carowinds, and coming for Lilith Fair in the 90's.

We spent most of our first year getting settled into our house and planning our Wedding in the May of 2007. After we got married Facebook had become available to non-College kids so I joined and instantly realized how many people I knew in town.

I apologize for this sounding like an Oscar speech but here it goes. And if I forgot you tell me immediately. Its been a hell of a week!

I have to thank whoever put the book club together, I think Liz Breyer gave me my invitation, but the girls I met at that first book club have become my best friends in town. And just like six degrees of separation it just kept growing. My friend EA told me Katie Norman was moving back (who hosted first book club), I helped throw her a shower with Anna Brody. Abbie Z introduced me to Amy-Caty-Melissa-Kristie-Martha Delle-and all those crazy NC State girls. EA introduced me to Adelaide and Mary Katherine who introduced me to Jacquelyn.  Margaret introduced me to Margaret Jane. Sarah-Janet-EA-Margaret Jane-Margaret formed our playgroup. Margaret T, Martine, Sarah and EA started our supper club. The younger Pi Phis (Katie G & Walker) have become close friends as well as their close friends-that's you Stephanie King! I have the most amazing neighbors, I have met blogger friends and my son has the greatest friends who have even greater parents at daycare. I truly don't know how we got to be so lucky. And this is just in Charlotte!

 I am sometimes shy (shocker) and don't reach out to them as much as I want to, or think about, but these girls are my saving grace. You know who you are book club turned wine club turned supper club turned working moms play group turned we see each other at birthday parties club. 

They take my son when we have nobody else to help, they bring me food, send me thoughtful texts, come to parties, etc. Come do the ALZ walk with me, donate to ALZ...the list goes on and on and on. I knew some of them in College but they have truly become some of the closest women in my life and I am so incredibly grateful. Plus, they all married some pretty amazing guys that I am proud to call my friends too.

And just like the ole Rockbrook Camp song, "Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. I want to thank my gold friends in my life. Abby Jones you were my closest friend in College that has moved to Charlotte and I love you and Mike so very much. You are still one of the few people I let in and break down sobbing for. Don't you feel special? I probably owe you a therapist fee. And Abbie Zollinger, I know your husband was my friend before you but I feel like we have known each other for ages. 

So my birthday (albeit crazy with planning my son's party and curtailing my mother's hilarity at dinner) was one of my best. My cup runneth over with people I call my best friends here in town. I love you all so very much.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Beauty Product Wishlist

Perfect make-up!

I mentioned that a trip to the Nordstrom Makeup Counter was one of the top things I needed for my birthday. We have wants and needs and this definitely falls under the need category. I have been out of my moisturizer for 1 month and supplementing with drug store products has proved disastrous. 

Look at this collection. I don't know if the organization or the vast amount of products is more of a turn-on.

Here are the items I would purchase if money was no object. Can you imagine a shopping spree on make-up? And I'm not even a beauty product junkie! My stash is laughable.

First and foremost I need my moisturizer. It isn't cheap but lasts forever. Especially for a girl that doesn't wear make-up M-F.
Sticking at the Chanel Counter they have the best lipgloss hands down. Spark is my favorite color but I would love to try something a tad more pinky or coral for Spring.


The next most important item I need is foundation.  
I have tried tons...Clinique, Lancome....etc and this one is the only one that still gives you a tad of glow and can cover all my blemishes. Because there are plenty.

I need another one of these bad boys. 
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick $42

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution $42
This has received rave reviews. Anybody know??

Cle de Peau Beauty $70
I hear this stuff is amazing. But that is a little expensive..

Here is one that is a tad cheaper and I hear is also great.
Bobbi Brown Face Touch-up Stick $24

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil $24
I tried Drugstore eyeliner and it drove my contacts crazy. This is the only one that doesn't hurt my eyes but the only issue is that it doesn't stay very sharp. Recommendations?? I feel old school having to use a pencil sharpener....and then the eyeliner gets stuck in there and its just a mess. I guarantee it is user error.

Kevyn Aucoin Eyelash Curler $21
Guilty-I have never used one of these before.

YSL Babydoll Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara $30
One of my college girlfriends sent this to all of us one year for Christmas. It was the best surprise!

Dying to try this out. My friend Margaret is selling Rodan and Fields so you can contact her if you need anything! I hear this is face-changing. If you don't believe their site go read Pretty in Pink Megan's review. If there is one girl I would trust with skincare advice it is her!

This weekend Nordstrom is having a "Beauty Trend Event". On March 22nd they will have a "fun presentation" on how to update your look. Tickets are $20 but you can use that towards your beauty purchase. I think Mom and I will go if I can convince my Dad to watch the kiddo! Want to join us? You can email to RSVP.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Official Response to this Weekend's Forecast

is my reaction to this weekend's forecast....

(Posting will resume tomorrow, crazy week)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boy Clothes and Consignment Sales

Soccer Pants at the Park...

When Natalie posted about her son being obsessed with is Batman shirts I thought he is too stinkin cute so the shirts are fine!. And then our friend here in Charlotte said her son was obsessed with Thomas the Train shirts, and I figured he was also adorable so it's no big deal right?
His blue Soccer Pants trying on shoes purchased for $2 at the consignment sale.

WRONG. We are KNEE DEEP FOLKS. It may be cute on other kids but when it is your kid it is DRAMA. All my son wants to wear is "Soccer Pants". It all started with his love for his Soccer Shots Coach....Coach Steve. I found a pair of Adidas Soccer Pants at Kid to Kid for $1 so I thought no harm, no foul....he can wear these to soccer practice. Well I was wrong! It is the FIRST thing he says when he wakes up and the first thing he says when he gets home from daycare. He sobs when I tell him no and recovers shortly afterwards but good grief!!!


I have convinced him (for the time being) that we cannot wear those to school but that he can put them on as soon as he gets home. So that is the only way I can put him in normal pants. 

Soccer Pants on a Scooter. 

And yes....we are also now victim to character shirts. While at Kid to Kid there was a CARS shirt that he had to have. Again, it was $1 so I try to only break it out on rare occasions. Am I a mean mother because I want my son to look cute? Maybe. But soon I won't be able to have any control over what he wears so I'm living it up while I can. And for the record he wore a batman shirt to daycare today!

Goodies from the Y sale. That Kitchen was $15 and included 2 huge Ziplocs of food!
I went to the YMCA sale last week and I have to say that as boys get older the selection at consignment sales gets slimmer. This probably has to do with the fact that we aren't putting him in smocked clothes or jon-jons anymore (sooo sad). I mainly look for good shorts, polos and any Boden or Crewcuts I can find. 

Here is the loot I snagged. I go a little bonkers and just grab as I go. I also volunteer which means I shop early. Honestly I tihnk if you don't do that you will miss out on a lot of the good stuff.

My favorite sale is open to the public today. It is held at the home of Wallace Barnes and let me tell you the clothes are incredible. I can't get out of work today and my husband laughed at the idea of me sending him but it is truly one of the best in Charlotte. I'm bummed to miss it but maybe I can sneak by later today.

Since I didn't exactly score all the cute stuff I like to get for my little guy here are some items I would order to finish off his spring/summer wardrobe.

Vineyard Vines Boys Channel Stripe Jersey Polo $39.50

Vineyard Vines Boys Stanley Gingham Whale Shirt $39.50

(to wear with his dang soccer pants)

Love this whole outfit. 

Bravo Carter's!

Have you Charlotte girls been to H and M yet? I'm dying to get over there. I don't love the slim fit b/c it fits weird over his tennis shoes but he is a skinny kid so they fit him better everywhere else.

And last but not least...Babiators! $19.99

What else does my little guy need before he turns 3?!