Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Have You Heard of Tradesy?

Katie at the Perks posted a link to Tradesy and as you all know curiosity killed the Kat so I clicked the link and holy moly...

I used to be a frequent ebayer. The clothes were never as great as you hoped they were but it filled the gap when I needed something specific, and then when I wanted to sell said specific item. 
We also use it quite frequently for selling old devices. We currently have two iPhone 3's we are looking to ditch and will be posting them soon unless someone is interested.

Back to Tradesy. I would say it is much more user friendly than searching Ebay. To me it feels like taking a trip to JT Posh here in Charlotte. I don't see a million things I need to buy but it is definitely a place you could visit every other week just to scan the listings. And if you need DVF there are tons!!! I'm going to post a few items this week and see how selling goes. 

Here are some cute finds..

Really want this one!

Really want this one too! Anyone else have an issue with these exposing too much of the tatas? I think it is a short-waisted problem.

This is priced a little high but adorable

This doesn't look great on screen but I have a Fiesta dress and they fit perfectly! Easter option??

Overpriced but if you need a shift...

Again, priced a little high. I would alter this to fit but wouldn't pay more than $100. That damn unroll.me made me miss the last EM sale and I was devastated. 

And Dresses aren't all...

Obviously the insanely well-priced items sell out fast..

still want...

 See anything you like??
Here is your invitation! Not sure you need one but click on it anyways dammit.

Frugal K