Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Shit Not to Buy from J.Crew

You have my professional permission to buy this.

My stylish blogger friends can tell you when the best sales are and when to buy what on which day.

Today I'm here to tell you that J.Crew is smoking their rolled up magazines.

What the fuck is this?
Feather Bow Sash Over $100

If you own this or think this is stylish I'm sorry. I really have no idea what is trendy or cool so you can totally trump me with your outfit featuring this awfulness. I'm sure you are right. I'm sure it isn't 80's vomit.

Surely this is a joke. I wouldn't wash my son's cozy coupe in this.

This poor model got there in the morning and was like....You have me posing in that shit?

That's it. Sorry for the lack of posts. Work has been nuts. And not pecans either. 



  1. I know people laud Jenna Lyons to the high heavens, but the J Crew as high fashion culture she started just baffles me. It's a mall store.

  2. the feather sash is a WTF!!! I am over their shit clothes for the money!