Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's a GIRL!!!

We are SHOCKED!!!! I went in with a 90% feeling that this baby was a boy. Max went in with a 190% feeling that it was a boy. I think he is still in SHOCK. Seriously, he had to leave before she was done.

Judging from the reactions it seems most of our friends wanted us to have a girl! And most people assumed that I secretly wanted a girl and while I am absolutely THRILLED I really was happy either way. Both genders make wonderfully complete families.

LOVE their mamas. When I was pregnant for the first time I won't lie, I wanted a girl. My husband has a son from his first marriage so I figured a girl would be perfect. Wrong. But I cannot imagine anything else than the sweet baby boy I gave birth to. That's how it always works out right?

I already have all the clothing. My sister-in-law sent me tons of my nephew's hand-me-downs and my friend's Abbie and Sarah helped me through the winter months with some of their boy's longalls. The rest is my insane addiction to consignment sales. Not to mention my 12 year old stepson's clothes! So I figured if this was a boy I would be set! Guess I will be posting a big sale later this summer when I get all the bins out of the attic. sniff sniff.

My peanut at the beach in 2011. That outfit was one of my favorites. 
Photo via Julia Ryan

Is it weird there is a part of me that will be sad to get rid of my son's clothes? Maybe it is more of the idea of hanging on to him as a baby in bubbles then selling his possessions. I know I'm going to be sad to part with all his little outfits but this is our last baby and how am I going to afford the girl clothes?!

I also imagined we would be a house full of boys. My husband is the youngest of three and i imagined myself as the bloody mary serving paparazzi at soccer games on Saturdays. Maybe this little girl can play sports too!


Thank goodness Samantha is up in my parents Attic! I should probably check on her condition....

LOVE their daddy's. I am a 100% Daddy's girl so I can attest to this. I wanted to go fishing, hunting, and hiking with my Dad. I wanted to watch the Saints, Braves and Tar Heels with my Dad. Pretty much doing anything with Dad guaranteed a good day in my book.

*Unless I was sick, then I wanted my Mommy. Isn't that how it always works? I'm going to get payback I'm sure.


Gulp. I can't even do my own hair. I need braiding lessons STAT! I might have to get my sister in law to teach me next summer or get private lessons from Ashley at Sweet Southern Prep!

The Clothes.
Ohhhhhhh the clothes. Although looking at them now I still cannot believe I will be buying them. After our cookout this weekend two wonderful friends left little gifts, a set of Carter's gowns and a Kissy Kissy bib and that is when it hit me......I am having a pink ruffled little girl.

So even though everyone thinks I had a preference, I didn't! I just really went into this assuming it was another boy. And we are still surprised!

I can't wait to see how this little girl will melt Max's heart. And I can't wait to see how her two older brothers become protectors and playmates. We are also VERY curious who she will look like. My blue eyed light skinned son is a spitting image of me. But I have a sneaking suspicion this little girl will inherit Max's dark hair and skin. At least that is what his mother tells us.....that girls inherit their looks from their fathers.

What do you all think? I've already gotten a few emails joking about "little Salma Hayek".

And for me? I hope I can do somewhere near the amazing job my parents did of raising me. I was a pretty good kid. I made good grades, didn't get into trouble and grew up with (and still have) a crazy enthusiasm for life.

I mean come on. Tennis camp shirt with sweet rolled sleeves, aqua socks and the picture taken at visitor's day at Summer Camp. Minor Tomboy. PS-That's my "fancy" hairdo.

One thing I know for sure....she will be a Rockbrook Girl!!!!!!!!!

Just like my Grandmother Katharine Ford Braselman (pictured right in the center in 1933), my Aunt Kathleen Boylan Cowart, myself, and my niece Charlotte Walker Breckenridge!

I pray all goes smoothly the rest of this pregnancy and there are no complications with or after delivery for our little girl.



  1. So exciting, congrats!! And your lucky little girl will have her big brother to look out for her!

  2. Congratulations!!! It'll be so fun to have one of each :)

  3. Congratulations! How fun to have a little girl! Since I'm having my second boy at least 50% of the people have said oh no now you have to have a third so you can get your little girl. I don't know why but people think I'm really upset it's another boy and I'm not at all. I wanted another boy. I'm so excited for brothers and being able to re-use all the clothes!!
    I must admit though that little girls clothes are so, so, so cute!