Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sun Protection for Moms and Kids

My son and stepson last summer. Exactly the same skin tone difference as my husband and I.

My son and I have fair skin, blue eyes and light hair. Pretty much an excellent candidate for a sunburn or skin cancer. My father has the same skin and I have him to thank for being a speckled trout in the summer. If you see us at the beach you will see three poor souls on the deck lubing up with Sunscreen while "Team Brown" are already on the beach. (Brown was my mother and sister-in-law's maiden names)
My niece and pale little guy last summer

 My combo is Vanicream for my face, No Ad 50 on my chest and arms, and No Ad 30 on my legs. And I make sure I reapply every few hours if I'm in the water or covered in sand. My son gets the Neutrogena stick on his face. There is probably a safer hippie-approved version available like Badger, Blue Lizard or Honest but we have been using this the past two summers and have had no burns and he likes to put it on himself.

The rest of the family is brown brown brown. My mother has always been dark and my brother has her and his father to thank for his bronze skin. He married a bronze goddess (i'm not kidding) so their kids are super dark too. 

And have you met my husband? He's Brazilian (and Swiss, but looks like the Swiss Army only won the height with him) and his son (my stepson) is just as dark as he is.

So for the 3 pinkies we have to be super careful about our sun exposure. My Dad has already had many things removed from his face/ears/neck and had to do a peel back in 2007 that burned all the pre-cancerous spots off. 

I have always been a good sunscreen user but when my favorite party planning friend told me she had basal cell carcinoma I realized I need to get real about my seriousness. I typically also wear a baseball hat and a cover up of some sort. 

For me Lands End has the best Rash Guards. 
They aren't crazy expensive (You can usually find a coupon code) and have great patterns. Here is a 5 months pregnant me in the Blue and White stripe in an XS Petite. 
They are a tad boxy which I prefer so you don't feel like you are in a wet suit.

For my son I LOVE SwimZip
They asked if any bloggers wanted to collaborate and I said YES! I plan on taking tons more pictures but how cute is this top? This is the Prepster top and swimsuit and it is all SPF 50 for $29.99. 
YES, you get the top and suit for $29.99! You can never have enough protection when it comes to the sun with your kids. 

Plus, the zipper is PURE GENIUS. Try wrangling your sunscreened child out of a non zipper top. No fun! I hope to order one or two more of these sets before our beach trip. The 3T is a tad big on my little guy so I bet he can at least wear the suits if not the shirts too next year.

And don't even get me started on the Girl's outfits. The Daddy's Little Girl

I also love how their products don't have huge tacky letters saying Lifeguard or a hideous plastic neon shark and Sting-rays plastered everywhere. This shark is pretty cute though.

Any tips out there? Are the Badger/Blue Lizard/Honest products better? Would love to hear your thoughts!

Freckled Trout K
My dad, son and niece last year. Bronze goddess I tell you!

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