Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'll even post a pic like this. Kidding. Maybe holding a Cheeseburger.

We have not had a night away just the two of us since last December. And even that trip and the one in November were very rare for us as leaning on grandparents isn't something we can really do.

We really really really need a night away. I know once we have two kids we will be unable to ask grandparents for help and at that point any trip we take will climb exponentially in terms of finances because we would have to hire sitters/nannies. And I remember the first 6 months of my son's life and know that this is our last chance to just be us. AKA I'm expecting a shit storm until March so for the love of God get me out of here for a night.
So we have a 1 night window approaching next weekend that I am just itching to go away. In reality I would love to check into a hotel in Charleston (or the Sanctuary) and relax all afternoon by the pool or beach, have a few drinks (seriously) and then get dressed up in a mumu and go out to dinner. We wouldn't need a huge night on the town because I think both of us want nothing more than to collapse into a fluffy crispy white bed in a dark cold hotel room and pass out. 

Then we wouldn't wake up until the insanely late hour of 9am (10am for him) and eat breakfast in bed or hit one of Charleston's many fabulous brunch spots. My son is a 6am'er and even that rare one day a week I don't have to get up with him I'm still mostly awake listening to him and his father try to get out of the door for school.

I find most nights once the kids are in bed (or playing Xbox) we both turn into TV zombies. Or one of us is working. And when we do go on dates we mostly talk about things we need to do around the house, about the kids, about our "to-do" lists and don't just chill out. *I am aware we were just on vacation, but we didn't spend 20 minutes alone except when we both plugged in our phones and passed out at night.

Pool at the Ballantyne Resort

I say Charleston but technically anything within a 3 hour radius works. My son has a birthday party and we could pick him up and have him napping back at our house (hopefully by Noon) and be on the interstate by 12:30pm Saturday. That leaves Asheville, Greenville, Charleston....any other ideas? Or do we just check into Ballantyne Resort for a night?

Cons to this idea............

We didn't go on a babymoon the first time because my to-do list included scraping popcorn off ceilings and new carpet so I wanted to spend the money on the house. This time I feel silly spending $200+ for a night. But sometimes in marriage (and life) you just have to suck it up and do it right? A full blown date night if I was still boozing would run us $120 dinner, $30 drinks before, $60+ sitter...etc. 


If we go to Asheville I'll feel weird not staying at my parents. The upside is we could get a U-haul on the way back and get the twin beds for my sons room and maybe hit Tobacco Barn (SANS KIDS) and find a dresser. But I'm pretty sure the Grand Bohemian and Inn on Biltmore don't do one night rentals. Maybe a local B&B does. I kind of want to lounge in the sun though and Asheville is home...

Pool at Charleston Place

If we go down here it is the farthest and I would of course want to see my buddies down there. It would be hard to find a one night rental as well (I guess bigger hotel chains would) and at this late date I bet most of downtown is booked. Plus we wouldn't arrive until 3:30pm at the earliest and if we are doing dinner and relaxing AND maybe shopping I'm out of time. We also need to be back in Charlotte no later than 12:30pm on Sunday so we wouldn't really be able to sleep in that much.


I've never been to Greenville! I hear it's lovely but wouldn't know where to begin hotel/food wise. 

What would you do if you had 1 night? If money were no option we would fly down to Palm Beach, leave my son with my amazing sister-in-law and stay at the Raleigh in Miami.......for more than 1 night!

I blame Comfy Cozy Couture for her gorgeous babymoon at the Dunmore pics! :)

Really wanting to soak in a big bathtub, (Anna I might show up at your house)


  1. One night babymoon will do you a WORLD of good!! I totally thought we could go without, but then decided one night only wouldn't be too indulgent or pricey- and I am SO GLAD we did it. Lots of R&R :)
    We went to the Grove Park Inn which was fairly reasonable for one night (I think we got the rate via Kayak).
    We went to the pool all day, then went out to dinner at the restaurants there. The next day, we gorged on the buffet (!!!!!) and yes I helped myself to a complimentary mimosa thank you very much. It was cool and relaxing- and we never had to leave the resort. My husband also considered Pinehurst, which has a swanky hotel with a pool for one night. Also have heard great things about The Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, but they have minimum stays.

  2. Me again... considering your specific situation- I think the Ballantyne Resort would not be a bad option- no wasted driving time! rooms are amazing- soaking tub alone was worth it! food is good- i liked the wine bar... huge pool!

  3. I say do it! But I would stick closer to your house to maximize fun. Greenville is supposed to be awesome right now. They have a High Cotton restaurant that is a sister spot to the one in Charleston.

  4. You'd love Greenville! I live here, so I'm biased but anyway. Check out the Westin Poinsett hotel downtown. Staying downtown means you can walk to all the great restaurants. It's an awesome city.

  5. I think the Ballantyne hotel is a great idea. I have a friend that did something similar. I'm a Tar Heel so I love a night at the Carolina Inn.

  6. Seriously, Greenville is AMAZING, and so close to you. I grew up nearby and the difference over the past 15ish years - that city is gorgeous now!! I could totally guide you food/fun wise, promise, plus there are lots of Greenville bloggers out there with some advice, I'm sure.

  7. So did y'all go somewhere? I'm debating between a few of those places, too. We live in Columbia, so Asheville and Charleston are close, and are two of our faves.