Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend Report-Halloween!

(Told you I was gaining it in my face)

We had a wonderful night of Trick or Treating with our buddies. Every year we get together with three other couples and go to their neighborhood party and then do the rounds. I am proud to say I made it all night. Supposedly walking can help induce labor. ALL LIES. 

Here are the Moms and Kids!

Saturday our last soccer game was rained out so I went to do more the mall (with an Auntie Anne's pretzel) Here are a few items I really wanted to buy:

Push Present? Diamond Cross? Yeah, probably not. I really like the discs with initials or a locket or bangle bracelet....just can't decide what to hint for more. Although Max thinks the push present is the baby so I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a warm glass of shut the hell up on this one.

Cute Etsy Pop-up in Nordstrom


I want this cute jacket from Anthropologie so so so so so bad. I don't think my basketball of a stomach will be shrunk by Thanksgiving but this would be PERFECT. Or maybe it would look like a lumpy quilted sack. Who knows.


People that saw me out this weekend looked at me like I was an escaped animal from the Zoo. You see...I'm not the only one that is surprised I'm still pregnant. I'm HUGE so now the common comment is "Dang you going to have that thing in the store"?! YES Target woman, I am. I literally walked Southpark Mall for 2 hours trying to get this little girl moving and nothing. The ladies in Neiman Marcus were following me with Egyptian Cotton $200 towels.

Sunday I kind of lost it. We had some surprising news hit us last week and we really need to get working on dealing with it and can't do anything until this little girl arrives. That added to the fact that I need to get this kidney stone removed before end of year (since I've hit my deductible) and that I feel like both families are just waiting on me......I was a mess. I keep having contractions but they are 20-30 minutes apart and will last several hours and then just stop. I know she will come when she is ready but I'm so big it is miserable. I literally cannot sit upright because her head and shoulders are resting on my legs. And yes, I'm WELL FUCKING AWARE that I will be sleepless with milk in my hair soon but people who are "fun-size" just don't carry this weight well. Or maybe its the hormones. Or maybe the last 2 weeks of pregnancy are just terrible and I've never experienced them. 

So I then walked around Target for an hour Sunday morning. Nothing else was open that early and it was COLD.

This would be awesome for all Ford's cars

They were in the process of packing up Halloween and taking out Christmas. If this nesting gets any worse I'm going to start decorating for the Holidays. I always wait until after Thanksgiving but we aren't here for Turkey Day and I'm going CRAZY.

Send some good baby vibes my way today. My stepson arrives Thursday night and that takes about 2 hours for Max to pick him up at the airport gate (has to go through security...etc) so I'm sure she will make that her ideal time to arrive. 


  1. Come on baby!! My last trimester was rough, so I can't really pinpoint what the last few weeks were like. I was huge, and uncomfortable so there was that. That plaid dress is too cute. A huge vineyard vines is opening here, not sure how I feel about it. I also almost wet my pants reading your comment about the Egyptian Cotton Towels.

  2. I'm guessing I shouldn't share my post about the good things when you make it to 41 weeks? Fingers crossed for you!! I was in anthro and vv this past week - sooo much cute stuff. I am so sad soccer was rained out! I will miss those mornings!

  3. How crappy! I hope she comes soon to take you out of your misery...and so that you can get a fantastic push present! :) Sending well wishes and hurry the hell up vibes your way.

  4. Hope the walking has resulted in a sweet baby girl!

  5. Ahh I love the mini vv. Such a cute post!

    x, Wendy.
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