Thursday, February 5, 2015

Helluva Hiatus

Sorry for the extra long hiatus! I went into labor at midnight of the Monday of my last post and haven't been able to peel myself away from my little girl long enough to type something sensible. She started "school" this week so I'm back to a quiet house during the day. (Maybe that means I can finally pack up my Christmas decor? Yikes) As much as I love getting back to my routine I am having a hard time not having that smiling face peering up at me all day long.

I will be back next week with my tall tales of:
1. boozing
2. trying to wrangle 2 kids
3. All the guest stars I saw on Law & Order SVU
4. Stuff I love on the internet
5. Alzheimer's updates.


PS-A huge thank you to anyone that has emailed me saying they  miss my blog. It isn't a blog that sits at the popular table but it is so nice to know a few of you enjoy my ramblings!