Thursday, March 5, 2015

Amelie Ambrose

My hiatus has a pretty good reason behind it.....

Christmas Card-Birth Announcement Combo from Minted

Miss Amelie Ambrose was born on November 4th at 8:54 in the morning. She had a bit of a dramatic entrance into this world but is already a healthy and happy 4 month old!!! (With a crazy full head of hair that makes me giggle)  I have been snuggling her ever since and trying to balance the holidays and a toddler and starting back work has seriously taken it's toll on me.

I feel like my maternity leave with Ford lasted forever but I think it was because I was so stressed with nursing and being absolutely clueless to what I was doing........ and he was not a good sleeper. This time I feel like it flew by and I hardly had any time with my little girl. I don't know if it was because Thanksgiving and Christmas filled up my brain/calendar or if I was just more relaxed with her being a somewhat easier baby.

All that being said I just couldn't write a blog post. I have so many things I want to discuss but to actually sit down and get them out on Blogger (in a coherent fashion) was too much to handle. I mean......I still have ALL of my Christmas decor hanging out in my Dining Room. FAIL.

I'll do a couple of Throwback Thursday posts to catch you up on everything around here. And from then on Thursdays will be devoted to posts about Alzheimer's and status updates on my mother. These will be filed under the Alzheimer's tab up top for anyone reading here for that particular reason.

I have missed you all but so very thankful for all the interaction on Instagram. I get teased constantly about how much I am on social media but there is nothing like a sweet comment on IG or helpful advice from Facebook. IG has been my outlet when I have felt cooped up inside with a newborn and I swear it helped battle any baby blues that were coming my way.

Excited for all 2015 has in store for our family of 5!