Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lord Huron-Strange Trails

When I drive up to Asheville the temps drop, the landscape curves and my mind wanders. It's usually a solemn drive as I'm on my way to help with my mother. Lord Huron is typically what I put on once I get past Shelby and see the Blue Ridge mountains rising up past the highway. I do my best thinking in the car. Trips home still stir memories of comfort. I can smell the bacon and fried egg on toast my dad will cook with the windows open letting in the cool morning mountain air. I trade my flats and make-up for glasses and fleece. I might have two homes now but my childhood home in Arden will always have my heart.

Lord Huron released a new album and somehow I totally missed it. The first track is my favorite so far, skip the second. 



  1. Hi Kat, I love some Lord Huron! Thanks for the new album tip. And I also checked to see when they were gonna be playing in NC. UMMMM Tuesday at the Orange Peel. You may have to extend your visit! Enjoy home.