Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Goodbye November-National Alzheimer's Month

 Did you see the purple banners lining your town's streets? The news anchors all wearing purple in solidarity for the epidemic that is Alzheimer's? Did your mall decorate with purple ribbons and host special purple parties? Did every make-up counter have a discount for purple nail polish and purple compacts? Did clothing stores donate a portion of proceeds from purple sales to the Alzheimer's Association?  Did your favorite team wear purple cleats and honor Alzheimer's Caregivers on the field? Were there purple fountains flowing all over your city in view of fancy fundraisers for your purple cause?


There weren't.

I also failed you Alzheimer's month. I would like to say my excuse is that I had two large birthdays, 5 sicknesses, and a lot of BS that kept me from doing the blog posts I wanted to do. I will say I dedicate a lot of September/October to ALZ in preparation for our big walk here in Charlotte, still.... that is no excuse for not contributing my voice.

But National Alzheimer's Month came and went with very little fanfare. 

This needs to change. 

Because Alzheimer's is ripping my family apart. 

Today is Giving Tuesday. A day after you cyberized your credit card enough that it became a transformer. If you have any money left please consider donating to the Alzheimer's Association if you do not already have a cause close to your heart.

Always Flying the Purple Banner Katharine

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