Thursday, February 4, 2016

Instagram is Robbing Me Blind

(I've never even been to Athens. But stores will ship!)

I don't shop that much anymore. I have no exciting upcoming events to purchase clothes for myself (except one party in March and I'm scared shitless to see my bare arms in a dress) and let's face it.....once you have kids you buy for them instead anyways. I do scroll through Instagram several times a day (laughing  hysterically...all day) and it is seriously running away with my wallet.

I promised I wouldn't be one of these girl moms but I can't help it. Easter pajamas? Please! Monogrammed bathing suits? YES! Bonnets on my kid? DEFINITELY. 

I try to buy most of Amelie's clothes from friends. That is a topic for another day as I follow probably 30 "closet accounts" and have my own addiction to that. I mean Florence Eiseman 3T dress for $20? Sold. It's a sickness. But it isn't meth so I'm okay right?

Here are a few that are just begging me to buy them. And yes, I may have played the my Mom has Alzheimer's and can't buy these gorgeous outfits for her granddaughter card to Max a few times......but it's true!

This line just launched and is by my dear friend Molly here in Charlotte!

I've been told to do bubbles as long as possible because soon they won't be an option. Do y'all agree? Ford is almost 5 and all he wants to wear is Track suits. sigh.

We had the Plaid last year and I love this floral! I believe these run on the small side.

Just begging for a monogram.

These are so soft and easy and great to toss on after the pool.

Ugh, I think I missed this one. That is the thing with Instagram. Buy now or miss out! 

Are you effing kidding me? That much for pajamas? But LOOK at them!!!

This is pretty much at the top of the list

That price right? 

Thank you Elisabeth for showing me this one!

And if you don't know about Proper Peony, good luck friends. They are hard to get!

If I didn't have an Easter dress that Grandpa Beano bought for Amelie last year I would have been on the phone non-stop trying to get this one! Try Banbury Cross Kids in Metairie

This one is extra special because it has been to my friend at CeCe Dupraz for a fabulous monogram!

 So she is a size 18m or 24m if it runs small. And go ahead and ship right to my house! Thanks! (wink wink)
Is there anything I'm missing? Do you have any favorite pieces for this Spring?