Friday, April 29, 2016

Christ School Hits for the Class of '66

My Dad and his boarding school buddies are one of the most entertaining groups of men you will ever meet. Their 50th Reunion is next weekend and I'm working on a mix for them to kick off my fundraising for our ALZ Walk.

Here's what we have so far..
(There are 33 songs total, make sure you use the gray slider on the right to scroll down)

What else? Anyone feel like shagging?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Kristen Lequire Photography-My Mom

Last year I asked my friend Kristen Lequire to take pictures of my Mother with my kids. Thinking about that decision now I wish I had done this yearly. I have to admit that I am frustrated reading posts about Mother's Day and what to buy them when in reality do they want anything but love from their children? I don't blame the people writing these posts but I think I have entered the angry phase of grief. You get to buy your Mom perfume but my Mom wouldn't know what to do with it.

 I think the place I am in with my Mom's Alzheimer's has put me in a position to look at my memories of and with her and realize that at this point a "thing" isn't what she wants at all. Maybe some flowers, framed photos and time. Time is the gift I wish I could give her. I will pat myself on the back and admit that I have done a generous amount of quick trips up to Asheville for her birthday or Mother's day or just to spend time with my parents over the years. Right now of course, as a mother myself, I would love a new dress or some new shoes but I think when I'm in my 60's I want time. Time with my kids. Memories. Moments. Love. Hugs and Kisses and hand-holding. Group shots on the ever present Pawleys Island hammock and bloodys with Dad's Shrimp and Grits. 

It was a rainy and dark day that Kristen came to the house for photos and she still captured the bright beautiful smile of my Mother. Thank you for these Kristen, I will cherish them forever.

BB turns 68 next week and along with Mother's Day I hope we get to have a beautiful celebration for her.