Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday and THANK YOU!

This year's Walk to End Alzheimer's raised almost 600,000 in Charlotte. I cannot thank my friends at the Alzheimer's Association enough for putting on such a spectacular walk this year. Jessica, Caitlyn, and Katherine work tirelessly to put on these events so that we can hopefully one day have our first survivor.

Today is Giving Tuesday so if you still need to make donations before year-end please consider donating to the Alzheimer's Association! We have until December 31st to reach Charlotte's goal!

Krewe BB raised just over $11,700. I want to send a huge hug and thank you to my friends that came to walk with me that day. Betsy, Elie, Abby, Anna and Rebecca, Chic Series Kate, Julia, Lacey, Riley...having you there with me meant everything!!! I also want to thank all the team members of Krewe BB that couldn't be there that day!

And another HUGE thank you to the people that donated to our walk. Some of these friends have small businesses so I want to list them here in case you need to do a little shopping, reading or anything! LOVE YOU ALL! 

Elizabeth and Lynn my Rockbrook Mamas

(A map of Pawleys painted by her is on my Christmas List!)

If I missed someone please let me know! Thank you all so much for your donations!!!!

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  1. UM, Hatch Cove Designs is one of our good friends! :) AND, I have a Pawleys map she did hanging in my kitchen. Absolutely gorgeous!