Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Are You in The Right Room? BB Update January 15th

"Opera House" by Jenny Andrews Anderson
 (of MFAMB fame)

I haven't posted an update because there isn't much to post. I am headed up to Asheville this weekend to see BB and for a baby shower. I am trying to shake the guilt that I am not up there more often but I need to remember these two little crazy children are my main priority. And my job, and my life here.

We received an email from one of Mom's amazing Jazzercise buddies. These women visit her regularly and helped us so much in those beginning stages. They brought Mom home from class, took her out to dinner, they even hosted a class for all the patients when Mom was in the Alzheimer's wing.

They stated that she was sitting up in bed watching TV (something she has never done since moving to Aston) and told them she loved them. I jokingly asked Dad, where they in the right room? Laughter.......you have to try to keep a sense of humor throughout all of this. I love that the TV was on. She doesn't look at it but I would imagine it would be comforting to hear the familiar Hoda in the mornings. I get lonely working from home and sometimes put on Friends episodes as background noise in the afternoon.

I'm guessing this recent stability is from her either being leveled out on her meds or hanging out on the "up" part of this seesaw phase. I love that those incredible Jazzercise ladies got to see her looking so good. I'm hoping for a smile this weekend.

We received an email from our hospice team over the weekend and she is down 8 more pounds, after losing 17 in three weeks. She is eating around 25% of her pureed breakfast and lunch with a little liquid.

Dad and Beau and I are doing okay. We all spent my father's birthday together and that was so needed. I'll post a recap tomorrow. I honestly didn't want to go on this trip for fear Mom would die while we were gone, but hospice urged us to go. It was so good being together and getting away.

Now we just wait. I am still trying to trust in God's timing. I am trying to move forward with life here in Charlotte. I still find it so difficult with my Mother's death looming on the horizon. Waiting for your Mom to die while trying to maintain some normalcy for young children (or your marriage) (or your job) is not for the weak.

I want to thank you all for commenting on my posts, instagrams, sending me texts, DM's, tweets, facebook messages and just following our story. Lots of people eyeroll social media but since I sit in this home office M-F with not much human interaction it really really does help. I love you all so much.


  1. Sending love and support from far away.

  2. I think and pray about you and your mama so much. Your writing does an incredible job and letting us know what your mom was like before and after this horrific disease.

  3. We who have been there done that, pray for you and your family every night. Hospice was correct that you guys needed time away and together.

  4. Kat- you are an inspiration as a mother and daughter. I. Love The Golden Girls when I need some “TV company”!

  5. Love, prayers, thoughts, juju ... all of it. Loved seeing your family have a good time last weekend.

  6. I think about you so much and get so much inspiration from watching you be in this awful sandwich role of caring for a dying parent while also trying to keep up a happy fun home for your kids, I don't know how you do it. I'm so glad you were able to get away to enjoy your Dad's birthday, you all deserve that so much. Hang in there the best you can!

  7. Thank you for updating us. I've been wondering how you all are doing. Anyone who hasn't been through a Hospice experience doesn't understand the constant waiting for the phone call, always being on edge, and only being able to concentrate at the task at hand so much because you're constantly distracted. Thankful your mom responded to her friends and praying for you for your next visit.