Monday, October 5, 2015

How to Help Those in Columbia, SC

The combination of Hurricane Joaquin along with an upper level Low Pressure created an "Atmospheric River" of moisture that inundated South Carolina with torrential rain and now horrible flooding. Here is an explanation via Forbes. Brad Panovich, the weatherman here in Charlotte, NC, called it a "Fire Hose" of moisture which you can see from the above photo. This has all caused devastation in SC....

We have an amazing Mom's group here in Charlotte that is taking up a collection of clothes, toiletries and basically anything we can and taking it down there in a U-haul. Several High Schools and Elementary Schools are serving as collection points. If you are further away here are some ways that you can help South Carolina (via CNN):

• The Salvation Army is assisting communities along the East Coast by providing food, water and shelter to flood victims. You can donate to the Salvation Army's relief efforts online or by texting STORM to 51555.
• The American Red Cross of the Palmetto South Carolina Region needs volunteers to assist in shelter operations and disaster assessment. New volunteers can visit and click on volunteer to start the application process.
• The South Carolina Baptist Convention has deployed food and child care units to assist flood victims. A chainsaw unit also is on the ground, helping to remove fallen trees interfering with power lines.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Am I Dying?

Charlotte Walk to End Alzheimer's 2014

Walk Weekends are emotional. They are also celebratory and healing. The Charlotte Walk is this weekend and to see all the other yellow flowers (Yellow signifies Caregiver) is comforting. We aren't in this alone. The number of blue flowers (Someone with Alzheimer's) is what gets me every year. There aren't many.

After the Asheville Walk last weekend my father cooked his famous Shrimp and Grits for his out of town team members and everyone ended up on the deck. Once the crowd had left Mom turned to my Dad and asked "Am I Dying?". He was stunned. And because he couldn't lie to his wife of 41 years he told her that yes BB, there is no cure. She immediately asked if the little boy knew. The little boy is my 47 year old brother. She then picked up her phone and called me. When I see my phone ringing with her name I get chills. Something has forced a moment of clarity that she is able to pick up the phone and dial me. I answered at the height of witching hour in our house and she says, "I'm dying". I didn't know how to respond or what sequence of events had occurred to start this dialogue.

She promptly handed the phone over to my Dad who explained that after the long weekend she wanted to know if this disease would kill her. She was also concerned with who knew. When Dad responded with everyone she wanted to know how. Well, Katharine writes about it and lets people know how you are doing. And BB said, Well that is nice of her.

I hope that she would be proud of me for sharing her story.

If I kept our battle against Alzheimer's bottled up it would be an injustice to my Mother. Nobody should be in for the shock we have been in. I hope the movie Still Alice showed people a glimpse of how Alzheimer's can slowly (in our case rapidly) take someone away from you. I am also very vocal about our fight because we need help. We need support. We need calls and hugs and emails and love. From my status last week on her most recent Dr's visit I received almost 70 comments. Each one had both my father and I in tears. A woman I have never met here in Charlotte dropped off Alzheimer's Walk cookies and a bottle of wine. Tears. We need you. We are losing BB and need your prayers and thoughts and texts. Being needy isn't fun. Asking for money isn't fun. Admitting you need help is somewhat embarrassing and dings your pride. Fundraising for Alzheimer's can feel like cold calling. I know people are tired of my updates but I can't stop. And I won't stop because this disease is horrendous and is taking apart my mother slowly and painfully. 

We need you.

Krewe BB will be rolling this weekend rain or shine. We will be at Charlotte Symphony Park at 9:00am for registration and 10:00am the ceremony begins. Look for us down by the stage and to the right.

To all those that have donated so far I am forever grateful. I am currently the #3 fundraiser in Charlotte (on the participant level). I have almost hit $5,000. I pray these funds help find a cure. My link is here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lord Huron-Strange Trails

When I drive up to Asheville the temps drop, the landscape curves and my mind wanders. It's usually a solemn drive as I'm on my way to help with my mother. Lord Huron is typically what I put on once I get past Shelby and see the Blue Ridge mountains rising up past the highway. I do my best thinking in the car. Trips home still stir memories of comfort. I can smell the bacon and fried egg on toast my dad will cook with the windows open letting in the cool morning mountain air. I trade my flats and make-up for glasses and fleece. I might have two homes now but my childhood home in Arden will always have my heart.

Lord Huron released a new album and somehow I totally missed it. The first track is my favorite so far, skip the second. 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Circa's Blue Moon Sale is Happening Now!

Circa is having their "Once in a Blue Moon" Sale that lasts until next Wednesday. I used to work for Chad Smith of Lux Lampshades so he let me sneak in on the preview day. I wanted 8 books, an ice-bucket, two throws, two sets of pillows, one white chair and tons of lamps. Head there soon because on preview day the place was swarming with Interior Designers snagging the good items!

All earrings 50% off

I have the perfect spot for this beautiful chair

I need both of these for Miss Amelie's first birthday!

Perfect for a Playroom or Nursery

Kicking myself for not buying this bowl. It was 50% off! Perfect Christmas gift for an entertainer.

I'm an idiot for passing this up. I have the smaller version and this size is perfect for parties. Rattan Ice Bucket 50% off! Who wants to go grab it for me?

All Mercury Glass 35%-50% off in the back room.

Do you have any friends expecting a baby boy? Adored this throw!

Pillow and lamps? Yes please.

Loved this pair

There were three tables filled with lampshades!

Do you see what that sign says? $5 for a BAG of fabric. I scored some blue buffalo check that is at least two yards and a yard of ticking stripe. I should have purchased the blue that I unfolded for this picture.

I'm serious....I wanted to grab ALL of these but since this isn't our forever house I'm trying as hard as possible to hold off on big design projects.


Also kicking myself for not buying this! It was under $50 and could hold enough wine for a picnic. (I picnic right)

Holiday decor is 75% off! I got the cutest driftwood Turkey to use this Thanksgiving.

Gorgeous and so so soft Anthropologie-esque blankets 

Head to Circa and get me that ice bucket! ;)
2321 Crescent Avenue