Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cheerwine + Krispy Kreme = AWESOMENESS

All the blogs/facebook comments today are a buzz about these Cheerwine-infused Krispy Kremes. People are furious that a Doughnut company came up with a special flavor mixed with a local beverage. Really people? If you think America's obesity is the Kreme's are mistaken. They don't force you to eat them, they barely advertise, and they are a LOCAL company here in NC..just as is Cheerwine. You want your family to eat organic hummus from Earth Fare? Fine! But don't blame the Kreme for diabetes.
Lighten up people!!!!!

Excerpt from the Charlotte Observer:
Love the fizzy taste of Cheerwine and the glaze of Krispy Kreme doughnuts? Now you can get both in one flavor-packed treat.

Cheerwine Kreme Filled Krispy Kreme Doughnuts will be released Thursday to approximately 1,000 grocery stores across the Carolinas.
“I love Cheerwine and I definitely love Krispy Kreme,” said Brian Little, director of corporate communications for Krispy Kreme. “When I heard, I said you can’t go wrong with this.”
The doughnuts will be packed with Cheerwine-infused crème and topped with a chocolate icing and a healthy dose of red and white sprinkles, said Tom Barbitta, vice president of marketing for Cheerwine.
The partnership will bring together two North Carolina brands. Krispy Kreme is headquartered in Winston-Salem; Cheerwine is based about 40 miles south in Salisbury.
The doughnuts are only available through the month of July and can be found only in grocery stores, not in Krispy Kreme stores, Little said.
Grocery stores that will be carrying the limited edition doughnuts are Bi-Lo, Lowes Foods, and select Harris Teeter and Food Lion stores. The doughnuts will be released exclusively in the Carolinas.
“It’s a great celebration of two great brands here in the Carolinas,” Barbitta said.

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