Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tonight's Episode of WHO GIVES A SH*T

From Perez Hilton to the Superficial, we are obsessed with Celebrity drama. Why? I honestly have no clue. Personally I like to follow Rachel Bilson's style, Jennifer Garner being an awesome mom, and how Kendra Wilkinson lost her baby weight, but other than that I don't care.
So when Lindsay Lohan fell out of the normal tree and hit every drug/alcohol/scantily clad branch on the way down; I really didn't give a sh*t. And I STILL DON'T. We honestly have a million more important things going on in America, let alone the World and somehow this dumb bitch ends up on every news channel. WHO CARES THAT SHE IS A DRUNK TRAIN WRECK???? I would rather watch news about Kevin Costner trying to save the Oil spill with a ping pong ball. Silly, yes. Train Wreck, no.

Lindsay before:

Lindsay after:

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