Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Vanity Fair....YOU'RE FIRED.

If you are reading this blog I can assume you love magazines. When the lovely Domino folded I demanded they send me something in its place and Vanity Fair arrived. I thought I would adore the lovely pictures but the articles are always spot on and incredibly intriguing.

But of all the topics to cover this fall, with all the headlines around the globe, all the new buzz in the design industry...you go with her???

This is ludicrous.

People I would rather see on the cover of Vanity Fair:
Emma Watson
Rachel Bilson
My Mother
Kate Beckinsale

My Cousin Andy

Other Items that are still better than HOHAN:
A slice of Kraft Singles Cheese
Drop Dead Fred
The Fraggles-preferably Trash Heap
The Mom from "Married with Children"
A used band-aid
Deez Nuts
The Nothing
and a pile of shit.

But really? HER? Nobody gives a fucking shit that she is trying to make a comeback. I PROMISE. And yes, I had to drop the F bomb. It just didn't have the angry/pissed off vibe if I had pussy footed it.

Image credit: All over the GD internet


  1. I agree!! and a used band-aid and Fraggles..too dang funny!!

  2. Uggh!! I'm feeling totally bummed that I ended up with Glamour instead of VF (despite the current cover choice). I don't pick it up often but when I do, I love the articles.

  3. Your post made me laugh out loud. Thanks!