Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Vegetarians age this well??

Okay, she is having a banner year....when I first saw Gwyneth on the cover of Vogue I was blown away at how amazing she looked. She looks 20.

But now I'm seeing pictures of her and I'm just a little curious if she has had any retouching?? I have no issues with people wanting plastic surgery but I hope she isn't saying her glowing skin is because she eats fish and snorts goop. That stuff is junk.


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  1. shes country strong, thats why...what a joke.

  2. Actually met her when she was in Nashville and she asked if my friend and I wanted to check out the men's bathroom at the Hermitage Hotel as we were exiting the ladies room; an offer I couldn't refuse. It's a much visited bathroom by tourists and the likes and she was being given a tour of local spots.
    Upon exiting I told her that I had turned my husband onto her article about cleansing and how much we enjoyed it. He entered the conversation and almost 20 minutes of talk about cleansing, food, and fashion. I told her about local styleblueprint for some good local info being that she's into fashion etc...
    So yes, she was glowing, she eats well, better than I could ever hope because green is usually the lowest percentage of our meal but always included and, she has balance and I think, some serious discipline.
    I think she eats meat, at least chicken anyway.
    She was kind, full of questions about us cleansing and seemed "real" for someone who could be affected.
    Look at her mom, she has some good genes! I think it's all natural for her...

  3. She looks fabulous! I am sure she has some secrets she is not sharing with us. I am thinking about ordering the Tracy Anderson dvds just so I can strive to look like her! Adore your blog, glad I found it!