Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photography: Kristin Sobieski

I will be posting the final nursery pics soon but in my design process I met a new friend! And....she just so happens to take pictures of Newborns!

I scoured the Charlotte Craigslist for a Jenny Lind crib beginning in November. They were either all too beat up, missing parts, or too expensive. I would have purchased a new one but I think the blogger explosion of Jenny Lind cribs in baby rooms created a shortage!

And then I emailed Kristin Sobieski! Kristin was selling her daughter's crib and it was in immaculate condition. We drove down to her home near Lake Wylie on a Sunday afternoon and when I walked in the door I was blown away by her family pictures.

I am obsessed with taking pictures. I started out with a Canon Powershot and now have the Rebel Xsi. I am in dire need of better lenses but even though I am without stellar equipment I absolutely love taking pictures. I harass my family for group shots, annoy my girlfriends for their copies of photos if I miss some, and agonize over whether I should read a magazine on the beach or run around and snap photos of my family.

So when I met Kristin I was insanely jealous of what she was starting. She also loves taking pictures and is turning her hobby into a business. My dream job would be to be a photographer. I have met so many wonderful people that have made this their life and I couldn't imagine anything more rewarding.

Here are some of Kristin's beautiful images! She is having an Easter special so hurry and book while you can!

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  1. Ummm ... back to the fact that clearly I need to discuss having you take photos of some of my projects. Word on the street is that you are quite talented at interiors photography!!!