Friday, May 13, 2011

Can I Clone Myself?

First of all...FAIL BLOGGER! I finally had a few minutes to whip out a post and you deleted it and the other 4 drafts I was working on.

Here is the post I wrote yesterday..

I have 1 million things I want to blog about but the following sequence of events take place whenever I even think about hopping on the internet...

1. Upon opening my laptop I go to tiny prints and fine stationary and obsess over baby announcements
2. I have an internal debate on photo vs non-photo announcements
3. I create multiple announcement proofs...order none
4. Put Ford's pacifier back in his mouth
5. Open blogger
6. Ford starts crying....get baby out of napping area
7. Grab brest friend, nipple guard, burp cloth, paper towel, baby.
8. Feed Ford, Burp Ford, Change Ford's diaper, soothe Ford, hold Ford
9. Ford falls asleep...put in swing or vibrating chair, or pack n play
10. Finally get back to computer...battery is dead.

When do you amazing moms have time to Blog?? When I have any free time I pump, clean, do laundry and MAYBE take a shower!

And did I mention my house is a disaster?

Miss all of my blogger friends!


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