Friday, September 2, 2011

Should I Gallery Wall it?

I know.....I know, they are so overdone. But I don't care....I really want to do a gallery wall going up my stairs. It's just that I have so many family pictures I love and I've covered every possible table with silver picture frames and I think its overkill. If they were huge and blown up going up my stairs I might be able to tone down the photo-montage around the house. I'm sure a pro would tell me its a little absurd but my family knows how to have a good time and I love reminiscing.

Remember the one from the Movie Life As We Know It? I think it is a little too uniform, but I LOVE the rest of the house....

My dream house has a room like this. We would use the hell out of it. Just add a fireplace. (And a flatscreen..yes I said it..but this would be a great football watching room)

Amazing back yard for entertaining. Ours looks pretty terrible these days due to the excessive heat/lack of gardening/dog poop.

But back to gallery walls...

All images via Pinterest   (And don't you want that runner?!)


  1. Do it! I love gallery walls--the reason they're "overdone" is because they're so daggone great!

  2. You must do a gallery wall, I love passing all the pics on my walls. I currently have a wall of just empty frames going up my stairs. People think that's weird, I do not care.