Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April J.Crew Warehouse Sale in Asheville

I went to the J.Crew Warehouse sale for the first time around 3 years ago. I was hungover and alone but still an early riser that morning so headed down the mountain from my parents house. I waited outside the side entrance for probably an hour and was then led into the Homegoods sized room which was covered in boxes. *Unsorted* boxes of clothes!!! Needless to say, digging through boxes hungover is a BAD idea. I scored a bunch of cords and cable knit sweaters but ran out of there before I could do major damage. (And promptly headed to McDonalds for hangover food)

After everyone put their tailgate chairs and blankets away....8:58am

I never know exactly when these sales are and I have to thank Scoop Charlotte for keeping me up to date! Most of the time when I'm visiting AVL I have husband, baby, and two dogs in tow and I just never make it to the argyle bonanza. This weekend however I happened to be in town solo so I woke up at zero dark thirty and plopped my booty in line behind 75 other people.

Wrapped around the parking lot

Boxes and boxes and boxes

Wedding Dresses are $50

 Verdict? Totally worth it..but TAKE FRIENDS. The Furman girls were there in packs and each tackled specific areas (tops, bottoms, swim, dresses, accessories) and grabbed what they knew their friends a.wanted or b. could fit into. It is completely overwhelming by yourself. I would get halfway through a box and become disillusioned with the wrong sizes and inappropriate sequins. I was also in a hurry to head back to CLT but here is what I did score...

Boy’s long-sleeve polo in navy stripe

I also nabbed several winter coats for my son for the next three seasons, a ruffle open cardigan, four shirts for my hubby and several other items. All in all it is definitely a killer sale but you must take a shopping buddy. The Crewcuts section is worth it all on its own but there are tons of women's bargains to be had. The gaggle of College girls trying on stuff beside me had seized lots of cute stuff....they obviously had Chloe running the schematics on their PDA's.

Here is the price sheet. They are VERY serious about their rules so if I don't blog for a few days after this they have found me and gagged me with a boatneck french stripe terry pullover.


**Fun fact: I used to answer the phones one summer at J.Crew in AVL. Did you place a catalog order back then? You know........BEFORE THE INTERNET!?


  1. I am SO jealous! You got some great things! My friend is from Lynchburg and they have a warehouse, I am dying to go!

  2. Sigh I am so jealous. You know they had it in Charlotte a long time ago, I was prob in Junior High but it was amazing. Wish I could have gone. Love that purple blouse!!

  3. So jealous! I could do some major damage in a sale like that!

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