Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ford's 1st Birthday Party! (What DIDN'T happen)

Yep, I wanted to order this. To use for 5 minutes. Thank you MJW for letting me borrow your bib! (Which i forgot to use)

I apologize for the comparison but when it comes to planning anything, I liken myself to Hitler or Mommy Dearest. I'm not proud of it, I take medication to tone it down, but it still happens. I had a honey-do list and a Kat list both of which were an entire sheet of college rule paper. Several things happened to derail my master plan:
1. My husband was supposed to have Thursday & Friday off, work got in the way and this didn't happen.
2. Husband and stepson both thought they had allergies all week, not so much.
3. Ford started goopy eyes on Thursday. I assumed it was the pollen infused air but no go.
4. Husband's list became my list and while I am a master of multitasking I only got 50% of both done.
5. Ford woke up with what sounded like whooping cough in the wee hours Saturday morning. Okay, I figured I would get up and shower at 5:30, knock off the remaining 10 things, and take him to his Dr at 8:30 for the Saturday hours....

Well, no Saturday hours for the only Saturday in the world I needed them. M ended up taking Ford and D to Urgent Care where they diagnosed all sick. I texted all the moms to tell them the news and those dear dear amazing women all still came!!!!!!!!!!! (Picture me in the kitchen with my also type A Dad sobbing about how pretty the cake was and nobody would be here to eat it)

But with all that hoopla here is what didn't happen:

I ordered this precious Cow and Horse stuffed animal off Zulily to place on the bales of hay by the front door with some cute Welcome sign. I do love Zulily but good grief it took 6 weeks to ship. These animals arrived Monday. Thanks Zulily!

I ordered 1 dozen Cowboy hat so each kid could have one. Company snafu (me screaming at Amazon) and they only shipped two. Thanks Amazon!

I REALLY wanted a Party Banner. AND to order all the crazy water bottle labels, cupcake toppers...etc....Max finally dumped a bucket of cold water on me and slapped me across the face. Whew, needed that. But might see them in the future. Over the top? Yes. But remember, I'm obsessed with photographs and look how pretty!

The Bar was supposed to be set up on the porch to make the party flow better. Thanks Rain! It ended up being nice outside but you can never tell.

There was supposed to be more food. But I rant out of time to make the gooey bars and the Weight Watchers roll-ups and Baked Beans in cute containers with raffia. Seriously.

Via Kara's Party Ideas *Her site is crack

And a group shot. I really really love group shots and wanted one of all the kids in their cowboy  hats smiling and looking perfect...queue another bucket of water and slap across the face. Plus 2 of the 14 kids can stand. I'm that insane.

There...that feels better. So the party was a huge success anyways but it feels good to admit how crazy I am. Oh..and the next morning I woke up already thinking what he will want for his 2 year birthday. Sick right? I'm in the wrong line of business. Maybe we can have a Cinco de Mayo party? Father's Day brunch? Who wants to come over now for cocktails! I can have a theme by lunch.

No wire hangers

Images via  Kara's Party Ideas , Pinterest, The Knot, and Turquoise, Tulips and Bliss

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