Thursday, August 23, 2012

Naughty Dirty Harry

His Security team should be fired. Rule #1 in Vegas, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. (Not that I've ever been). Are these people idiots? They didn't make the girls hand over their phones?! I would think to party with Harry you would need a blood and urine sample, family financial history and definitely be searched for any recording devices. I really don't blame him...he is in Vegas and wanted a little booty....his security team takes the major fail on this one. I wonder how much $$$ the chick made that sold these photos. Hussy.

On the other hand....did you notice the carpet?! What a beautiful and classic carpet to be in a Vegas hotel room. Well done Vegas! Do you think that is wool or a combed cotton? I can't see any rug-burn marks on the girls.

Has anyone else ever thought that a Prince Harry or Prince William (DoC) sex tape could solve World Hunger?
Harry, I still think you are lovely. At least you didn't lose a tooth, marry a stripper, go to the hospital or get knocked out by Mike Tyson.



Pics courtesy of the also naughty and dirty TMZ