Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Project: Gallery Walls

Via Pinterest

Get those pictures off your computers and on the wall! Right?!

Fun red!

I have pinned them until I am blue in the face and I think it is time to suck it up and just do it. I am obsessed with taking pictures and love to see them all over my house. I have already surpassed the allowed amount of tables covered in picture frames but I want more. I also happen to have a staircase headed to the bedrooms upstairs that only has three lonely framed prints right I'm thinking this is going to happen. Now the question is, what color frames? Do I mix and match? Paint all the frames a funky blue? Gold? My walls are a BORING cream so I need the frames to pop. When the painters came to paint I had to pick the colors from work and just went with cream for now. I would LOVE to wallpaper the foyer and up the stairs but that isn't in the budget. I also wanted to do horizontal stripes in the foyer but I hear that can end in divorce.

So..what do you think?

Love the pop of red! Via Little Green Notebook

Mine of course would be photos..via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Love the wall panels headed up the stairs..this is on M's honey do list. And the wallpaper...agghhh. Via Pinterest

Can't you imagine walking down the stairs and looking at all your happy family pics? Via Pinterest

That runner is to die for!! I am digging the large white mats. Via decorpad

Here is the space I'm working with. I apologize for the iphone pics, will take better ones soon! And don't judge the space, if I could that carpet would be set on fire!

Looking from the office up my BORING stairs. Nice air intake vent, really gorgeous beige carpet from 1984.

Looking from the Dining Room into office past front door. I had a tree in the corner..what should I put there?

An art gallery wall (instead of photos) would be great here but I like mirrors. They make my house feel bigger.

Those stairs are screaming for hardwoods and a runner. And the walls need pictures!

So..should I do it? Ikea frames?



  1. I also am guilty of taking a ton of pictures, for them never to make it to the wall! And I can't fit any more table frames, its time to put them up on the wall!

  2. Definitely go for it with the gallery wall of pictures...IKEA frames are great or do you have an aaron brothers near you? they have a "buy one, get one for a penny" sale twice a year. About that corner...maybe a little accent table with a pretty bowl for dropping your keys in as you come inside. you might consider painting your door the same color as it is outside (looks black on the exterior to me anyway). I had white walls and white door and painted it and holy cow it looked 1000 times better when I did. i think it would look great with the lantern sconces you have. love your blog by the way.